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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue #044 - Dogs with Eye Injuries
November 15, 2009

Save your dog's life with dog first aid!

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Table of Contents

First Aid for Dogs with Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can be very serious for dogs since they really have no understanding of the need to protect their vision, even though their vision is very important to their general wellness and quality of life.

For this reason, first aid for dogs can literally be a lifesaver in such moments.

First aid for dogs for eye injuries must be carried out very gently as the eye area is very delicate, as it is for humans.

Consequently, many dog owners often perform it incorrectly resulting in more harm despite the good intentions.

It is essential that dog owners know how to properly administer first aid around a dog’s eye area so to avoid making the injury even worse than it would have been.

The main principle of first aid for dogs when the eye is involved is to only use sterile fluid to treat the injury.

You should be able to purchase an eye wash solution from any pharmacy that will be fine for use in first aid for dogs.

It is not costly and, most importantly, not harmful to your dog.

If something manages to get into your dog’s eye, not a lot of first aid should be required.

Do not try to get the object out.

Leave it alone, especially if it actually penetrates the eyeball.

It is best to simply cover the eye with a cool, damp cloth and get to the vet immediately.

In these situations, it is best to let a professional evaluate the severity of the problem and treat it appropriately.

However, some situations are not quite as serious and can use some first aid.

For example, if your dog gets a black eye due to some type of accident, you can apply a cold cloth or compress to decrease the swelling.

This can help prevent the injury from further affecting your dog’s overall vision.

This is the type of first aid for dogs that is sufficient yet not harmful to your dog’s future eyesight!

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