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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue - Flea and Tick Product Safety
August 15, 2010

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Table of Contents

Flea and Tick Product Safety

Do you use Flea and Tick Products?

Do you apply topical Flea and Tick products to your dog? If so, you should know that The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just announced plans to increase the safety of topical – “spot-on” – flea and tick products.

The EPA’s announcement was sparked by increased reports, beginning in Spring 2009, of pets having adverse reactions to topical flea and tick products.

In response to these increased reports of adverse reactions, the EPA formed a veterinarian committee to analyze the situation.

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Results of the EPA analysis included the following findings:

  • The majority of the reported incidents occurred in smaller-sized dogs.
  • How much a dog weighs is extremely important in determining the correct dosage amount.
  • The data currently required by the EPA to determine the safety of these products does “not accurately predict the toxicity” in the adverse reaction incidents that took place.
  • Based on these findings, the EPA is pursuing instituting the following actions for increased restrictions and regulations on topical flea and tick products:

    1. Requiring changes in packaging and labeling to have more narrow pet weight ranges per dosage size. For example, instead of having the same dose labeled for use in all dogs 45-88 lbs, a product might be more narrowly tailored so that there is a dose that is appropriate for dogs 45-65 lbs and another dosage appropriate for dogs 66-88lbs.

    2. Instituting regulations to improve the clarity of product labels such as perhaps requiring a more complete list of potential side effect be included, clearer diagrams in the instructions, and larger font sizes. In addition, changes will be sought to prevent topical products designed solely for dogs from being inadvertently used on cats.

    3. Imposing stricter rules regarding the non-active ingredients contained in these products.

    4. Requiring more standardized reporting on adverse reactions and sales.

    5. Enhancing the pre-market clinical trials and post-market oversight of topical flea and tick products.

    In the meantime, the EPA has advised dog owners using topical flea and tick products to closely follow label directions and monitor pets for any signs of adverse reactions. You should also consult with your veterinarian regarding which flea and tick product is appropriate for your dog.

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