About Me

I've been a dog owner and enthusiast for over 38 years - even longer if you count the first dog I owned with my family, which goes back to 1970.  She was dumped out near our home by some unfeeling soul, and she had been mistreated horribly, was extremely reactive, and epileptic.

Seeing that poor little dog starting the sequence of an epileptic grande mal seizure was always something we dreaded; the rolling eyes, the drooling, then the tremoring and fear. 

She always came out of them, without any treatment except time, and in the end she was killed by a cougar at the grand old estimated age of 17.

So even if your dog has some kind of chronic illness or issue, life changing or not, it doesn't mean they will die from it, just suffer in silence, as they do.

In the intervening years, I've had several dogs that just plain wore out, and had to be put down.  One or two had some type of sudden health crisis, such as a suspected stomach issue where the organ itself twists around, causing incredible pain and suffering, eventually requiring euthanasia.

Another dog I had lived to be 15 and a half, and in the end, was in so much pain with arthritis in the spine and other joint issues had to be put down. Sadly, there is no cure for old age.

I've become very interested in training dogs, using positive reinforcement methods. Previously, I tried other ways of training, and never liked either the results, or the way it felt to dominate my life friends. 

So R+, as it's known, was a breath of fresh air.  Capturing, luring, shaping and all the other strategies to teach tricks, obedience, sports and all the other activities we love to do with our dogs has been so much fun.  I just wish I had known about it earlier!

This site was not written by me - I purchased it off the original owner, who wrote all the articles. All I've done is tweak it a bit to bring it up to date, and add pictures to the pages for more interest.


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