Allergic reactions

by Eileen Johnson
(Redmond, Oregon)

My Doberman, Paris, came in from the yard one day in summer, & I noticed her eyes were almost swollen shut, her whole face was puffy & distorted!

I panicked & was headed for the vet when my boyfriend logically pointed out that she loves to catch bugs with her mouth, bee's included. So I looked online for help, & sent him out for Benadryl while I monitored her to make sure nothing swelled shut. 1mg of Benadryl per lb of body weight & several hours (& a nap!) & Paris was fine.

But I had no idea what to do & panicking made it worse. Now I keep a Dog First Aid Kit in the car & the house, as well as one in a fanny pack for when we go somewhere & are not near the car.

I also have a binder w/instructions for medication dosages for her & my boy, Dobie, including worst case scenarios in case of Bloat, vet info, my contact info & copies of their rabies certificates.

Friends think it's sort of obsessive but I say better safe than sorry!

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