American Bulldog Puppy Information

When owning an American Bulldog Puppy, this is probably the best time for Dog Obedience Training so that you have a loyal and obedient dog.

There is nothing worse than having an uncontrollable American Bulldog . As they can be somewhat aggressive dogs, it is important that they are able to listen to you and treat you like the Pack leader.

Remember, this is prime time for them to learn new tricks and bad habits, so it is important to make it clear to your New Puppy what you will allow in the household and what you won't.

Strong directional guidance is what this dog needs when it grows up. They will become completely lost with out it. Bringing them into social environments will greatly help them become friendlier towards other people and dogs.

In fact, if you don't do this, you dog can be very weary of strangers when they come to the house and he might hurt them because he perceives that they are threatening your safety.

If they have been expose to a more social environment, the likeliness of them attacking a stranger when they arrive is low, but they will still keep their distances until they get used to him or her.

Owning an American bulldog puppy while there are small children around is a varied debate. Some say that it is irresponsible for a parent to have such a dog near children and others say that having this dog is the best move in ensuring your children will be protected and safe.

In such a case, the parents really best decide it. When you are looking at buying or adopting a dog, talk to the caretakers about the parent's temperament. This is going to be the best way to figure such a thing out. There are many examples showing that these dogs are both very protective and aggressive.

One of them being when a fire broke out while some young children were home alone, the family American bulldog quickly rushed to the neighbor's house to warm him that the children were in danger.

The BullDog was barking and running towards and away from the neighbor to try and lead him to the fire.

The children were okay and the dog just needed some minor Dog First Aid from the burns he received. There are many cases where American Bulldogs will rush to save the life of the family member over his own.

Of course, the media seems to portray these dogs as vicious things that will turn against their family. It varies on the dog and the household it is in. If there are children that are taunting the dog day and night, then it might not be a surprise to some that he decided to bite one of them.

The debate will keep on continuing, so it is really best up to the owner to decide what is best for their household. They make excellent guard dogs and can be strong protectors to the family.

Check this out if you want some more American BullDog information.

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