Some Beagle Hounds

Beagle hounds are compact, energetic little dogs that love to run around and play with their owners.

They're very sturdy and well built, and are probably closer in appearance to foxhounds than any other type of dog. Beagles' skulls are long and pointed, and there's a small dome at the top. Their muzzles are rectangular in shape. These facial features make beagles look very attractive and intelligent, and they're actually one of the smartest breeds of dog.

Beagles usually have light brown or chocolate colored eyes that are set apart in the skull, giving them a wide viewing angle. This is really important because when they're hunting they need to be able to see everything around them. They mostly track their prey by scent but they're one of the few hounds that use their eyes a lot as well during a hunt.

The hair of beagle hounds is usually pretty closely cropped, although if left to grow it will reach medium length. It's very sleek and easy to take care of. The Beagle Breeds don't shed very much either, making them great house dogs. You just have to make sure you let your pup out of the house a lot so that he can get rid of some of his energy. Their coats can come in a multitude of colors, and tri-color is extremely common.

Beagles are one of the few dog breeds that aren't very susceptible to Dog Diseases. Most breeds have a tendency towards back pain, or cancer, or arthritis, but Dog First Aid for beagles is extremely easy.

One thing that you will have to watch out for though is external injuries. They run, dig, and jump all of the time, and it's really easy for Beagles to get injured while they're out playing. Just keep some dog safe antiseptic around and call your vet if the wound looks serious. Otherwise they are very resilient dogs that are a joy to have around.

Speaking of Beagle Personality, beagle hounds are notoriously happy and playful. They're very outgoing and sociable and have absolutely no problem making new friends. Any time guest's come over it will be a time for your beagle to greet everybody and show off. They're also extremely intelligent and pick up on new tricks and concepts very quickly.

On the downside, the Beagle Breed is notorious for their distinctive howls. They got this from their earlier evolution as hunting dogs, but this Beagle Traits has unfortunately stayed with them throughout the years.

Early Hunting Beagles and hounds were trained to howl when they pick up a scent. That scent was usually a rabbit or a fox hiding in the bushes. These days, the smell of your neighbor throwing out the take-out boxes from the local Thai restaurant will set your beagle into an excited frenzy, and he'll bay all night long to whomever will hear him.

If you decide to pick up a beagle for your next pet, you're making a very good choice. Just keep all of these things in mind and you'll have a very happy pup on your hands.

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