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Beagles are great pets to have around, but they need a place with lots of space to roam and play. Beagles were originally hunting dogs. They were bred to sniff out rabbits and quail in the Middle Ages and have been used for that same purpose ever since. Even today Hunting Beagles are popular hunting dogs among hunting enthusiasts. They're easy to train, hard working, and intelligent, all you could ever ask for in a four legged friend!

When it comes to living conditions, the Beagle Breeds do best in houses with yards. They hate being cooped up in small places and relish the opportunity to run and stretch out their legs, which should be given to them at least twice a day. That being said, you can successfully keep a beagle in an apartment, just make sure that you have the free time to devote to Regular Exercise For Your Dog and trips to the park.

One crucial bit of beagle information is that these dogs are pack animals. They latch onto other animals or humans and constantly desire to spend time with them. Leaving a beagle by itself for 8 hours a day or more can lead to what's known as Dog Anxiety separation, which is when the dog get's depressed and anxious from being alone too much.

Beagles are relatively small dogs – they only grow to about 15 or 16 inches in height and weigh at most 25 pounds when fully grown. Don't let that weight fool you though – that is 25 pounds of coiled muscle. A beagle can easily drag you around on a leash if you're not prepared for it. When you're walking your beagle, be careful of this since they have the tendency to dart after scents unexpectedly.

You won't need a Dog First Aid Kit much with beagles, but you should know that certain types are especially susceptible to back problems or epilepsy. Another Dog Disease that seems to affect beagles fairly often is known as chondroplasia, which is also often referred to as dwarfism.

This is some beagle information that you should keep in the back of your mind in case you ever start to notice any strange symptoms or behaviors. All in all though, beagles are very healthy dogs. They don't suffer from most of the diseases that afflict other breeds; although just keep in mind that anything is possible. Forewarned is forearmed; don't let anything happen to your little pup as long as you can help it.

Another small tidbit of beagle information is that you have to be extra careful with them around cats or other pets that aren't dogs. Beagles will be friendly to another dog all day long, but as soon as something else steps into the room their predatory instincts kick into high gear. Keep an eye on new beagles so that you can be extra sure they don't try to chase down any other pets while you're not around.

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