Some Beagle Lab Mix

There are a lot of different beagle mixes, and the beagle lab mix is usually the most popular, depending on what part of the world you live in.

The reason that mixes are really popular compared to purebred beagles goes back to Beagle Personality issues. You see, beagles were originally trained to be hunting dogs.

They're small, compact, and full of energy, making them the perfect choice when you need to chase down wounded game or dig down into a hole to bring an animal out. They're also howlers; when hunting, Beagles were Trained to howl at a scent to alert the rest of the pack, as well as the hunter.

These days, they're not used for hunting by a lot of people, but they still maintain a lot of those same Beagle Traits. A lot of people get fed up with their beagle because he or she will constantly howl through the night whenever an enticing scent drifts by.

For that reason, a beagle lab mix is a really good choice for people who live in cities or suburban neighborhoods; they don't have the same tendency to howl but they're still very friendly and energetic.

On the other side of the coin, you have to be very careful when you're getting a mixed breed. If you want one type of mix in particular, for example an beagle lab mix, you need to be able to trust the breeder because there aren't very many ways to tell the difference between different types of mixes. On the same token, you can never really be sure of what you're going to get.

Mixes have a tendency to lean more towards one breed than the other, but you don't know which breed you'll get more of in the end. It could behave a lot more like a lab, or it could take on predominantly beagle traits, and you'll be left with the same howling problem that you would have with a purebred.

Diseases can be tricky too. As you know, certain breeds are more susceptible to certain Dog Diseases. If you have a purebred Beagle Puppy you can usually be pretty cautious when it comes to some particular diseases.

Dog First Aid is usually pretty easy. Since a beagle lab mix has genes from both breeds, it can be susceptible to a much wider array of diseases.

Now that all of those negative points are out of the way, a Beagle Mix can still be a very good option.

After all, it's still a dog, right?

And who couldn't love a cute little bundle of joy like that?

The reason a lot of people opt for the beagle and lab mix is because Labrador Retrievers are a very caring and affectionate breed of dog.

Labs by themselves are pretty big though, so if you get a good mix you get the best of both worlds: a small or medium sized dog that can live well in apartments or houses and a quiet, thoughtful dog that won't bark away all night long.

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