Blanca my chiweenie

by Jessika
(Puerto Rico)

I found her at the supermarket. I opended my car door and she jumped on me. She is long like a hotdog and has floppy ears but has the face chihuaha. Has a long tail and brown eyes.

Is very energetic and loving but can become aggressive with strangers,as if she wants to eat them. Is a great hunter. Better then a cat. she has caught small animals including a small mouse , lizard a large spider.

I was going to leave her there at the supermarket but she ran into the parking lot and almost got hit by a car.

The picture is in our back yard area. She likes to jump up there and just hang out. She looks a little skinny because I had just found her , she had a parasite that later I treated.

She likes to be in high places So she can see people walk by and bark at them. She is protective of her property. She is a outside dog and seems to do ok outside. Except for the excessive barking and doesn't seem to like strangers.

I found her at 11 months of age so she came with different problems which I have had to monitor and try to change. Have done but can not seem to help her like certain children. She gets along with my 4 year old son but doesn't get along with little kids or certain older kids although I found her when my son was 3 years old.

She Doesn't get along with female dogs her size . And the potty training is still in progress. Not been very easy after a year. Any suggestions would be great.

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Sep 26, 2015
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