Border Collie Care Information

Border Collie Care requires patience and a fair amount of dedication, but these dogs are one of the best friends you could ever have.

Border Collies, which came originally from a small town right on the border of Scotland and England, were bred for the sole purpose of herding sheep and livestock.

Because of this, they have evolved into highly intelligent, agile dogs that love to be put to work. A healthy, fully grown Border Collie may weight as much as fifty pounds or as little as thirty when it comes to full maturity.

Unlike a lot of dogs though, the Border Collie will not fully mature after only one year; it can take them as long as three years to reach full growth and development.

With proper border collie care, the first thing you want to do when you get your new dog is to Visit Your Veterinarian for any necessary vaccinations.

Of course, check with the previous owners first to make sure he wasn't recently vaccinated because you don't want to give him a double dose of the stuff. After the initial veterinarian visit, take your Border Collie back once a year for annual check ups and shots.

Keeping your dog up to date on all necessary medications is an important factor of Dog First Aid that shouldn't be overlooked.

Every three months you should also have your border collie de-wormed, and give him a flea medication to prevent any outbreaks of fleas. Once a colony of flea’s sets in, it can be next to impossible to get rid of, especially if you keep your dog inside.

Fleas will take up residence in furniture, the carpets, children, and anywhere else they can. It's also a good idea to check your dog for ticks regularly. The biggest risk spot for ticks is in Your Dogs Ears, because that's a spot that the dog can't reach to clean himself.

Proper ear care will go a long way towards your general border collie care, and your dog will be happier because you took the time.

When it comes to feeding your Border Collie, try to choose a high quality Dog Food.

To pick out something of good quality, ignore the price, ignore the labeling or the advertisements, and look at the ingredients. Try for a dog food that has meat listed as the first ingredient. These foods are usually a lot healthier for the dog.

You can also ask your vet what he or she recommends. Collies generally need to eat twice a day, but every collie is different, so again, speak to your vet about what specific needs your own baby has.

You don't need to bathe your border collie very often. They are naturally very clean dogs and their fur actually sheds dirt fairly easily.

What you need to do is give your border collie a good brushing two or three times per week, which will help remove any excess dirt. A little border collie care can go a long way towards making your dog happy and healthy.

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