Border Collie Training Information

When you are Border Collie Training and have lot of pups or dogs it is very important that you make sure you train them separately at first.

Training A Border Collie can be difficult if you are doing it for the first time or if you want to train an entire litter. It is best to train Border Collie Puppies when they are older than 3 months.

It can not be stressed enough that you should train one collie at a time until they are more experienced. If you have too many dogs on your hands, it can get extremely confusing and you and your dogs will be taking 5 steps back and one step forward. Unproductive to say the least.

Typically when you are Training A Dog, you will want to have small bite size treats that they can safely chew without any delays. You will want to feed these treats to your dog when they have completed a task and should not feed these treats to them for any other reason.

You typically want to train your dog anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour and you can do this twice a day if you like. Make sure you give your dog plenty of breaks in between, as he may get tired of the constant training.

If you train your dog outside, be sure to have a Dog First Aid Kit just in case he hurts himself or eats something dangerous. If you keep this up for about a month or two you are probably ready for a group training.

To begin border collie training make them all sit in a line or where ever they happen to be standing at that present time. It might be best to start with either two or three dogs at a time and continually shift between dogs before you bring the entire pack of 8 or more in.

Make sure they all understand what their names are. You want to start by speaking one of the dog's names and then following it up by a command.

If you see another dog follow this command, tell him no, and put him back into his original position. If the other dog still keeps obeying the command when it is not directed to him, it might be best to place him in a complete opposite direction and not have him sit right next to the main dog.

If you find that one of your dogs is sort of slower than the rest of the pack, then it is important to go back to 1 on 1 training until he becomes a little better. It is important to spot the dogs that need more training because these are the ones that could greatly hold back or break the flow for the other dogs.

You want to make sure they are equally trained in the sense that you only have to speak the command once and that they rapidly follow it and do not take their time. You will soon be able to work with a large group of dogs and have them follow directed commands.

If you want to learn more about border collie training please read Border Collie Agility Training and Training Border Collies In Agility.

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