Boxer Dog Health Information

Boxer Dog Health was one of my main concerns after purchasing our new family pet.

Our boxer is an exceptionally beautiful canine with an unmistakable zest for life. I planned to do everything that I could to keep her as healthy as possible.

Members of the Boxer Dog Breed often can be afflicted by many boxer dog health problems. Issues with health can make for a very poor quality of health for any breed of dog.

After doing some research About Boxer Dogs, I felt more confident in knowing what to look for in the event my dog became ill.

Many Boxer dogs do remain very healthy throughout their entire lives; however, there are some genetic conditions that can affect A Boxer Dog.

In the following, I have briefly discussed five of these conditions. You should always discuss any boxer dog health issues or concerns that you have about your dog with a reputable vet.

  • One of these conditions that can plague your Boxer is corneal dystrophy. Unevenness occurs in the cornea of the eye causing corneal ulcers. Most dogs endure a great decrease in vision or even blindness. If detected early enough, surgery can often correct this Dog Eye Problem.
  • Like many other large breeds, dysplasia is often suffered by Boxers. Joints in the hips of Boxers often do not form properly. In time, this can cause a great deal of pain. Many canines eventually have hip joints that cannot support their weight and simply give out. You should monitor for this condition as well; however, by the time you are able to see signs and symptoms, it is most generally too late to seek any type of help.

  • Aortic stenosis can happen when your pet’s aorta becomes constricted. This lessens the flow of blood to the rest of the body. Your pet may seem to be very fatigued or may easily tire from simple play.
  • One of the most serious of all genetic conditions is cardiomyopathy. This can cause an irregular heartbeat in your Boxer. This is often a silent killer as it presents with no symptoms at all. Many times this is overlooked in a regular visit to a vet. You should always make sure to ask your vet to check your Boxer for this issue.
  • Another concern with your Boxer may be hyperthyroidism. Boxers are affected by this condition much in the same way as humans. Their growth can be affected as well as the condition of their skin and hair. They may also grow lethargic in time. Once diagnosed, vets can prescribe medications to help restore your canine back to normal.

Learn More About Boxer, Training, Breed, Personality, Fitness & Care and you should educate yourself on all aspects of their care.

Take time to seek information about proper Dog Food, grooming, Boxer Dog Training and Dog First Aid as well. At the first sign of a problem, you should seek treatment from your dog’s vet.

Aggressiveness is the best way to treat any type of injury or illness. Be sure to keep all of your Boxer’s vaccinations up to date. Prevention is the best-practiced technique to keep your dog from suffering with diseases. All the answers, tricks and training techniques to keep your Boxer dog happy and healthy!

I hope you found this Boxer Dog Health information useful.

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