How To Train Your
Chihuahua Puppy

There are many tips on how to train your Chihuahua Puppy.

Chihuahuas can be stubborn little creatures that can try to take the leader role in your household. The first step on how to House Training a Chihuahua Puppy is to potty train them.

Due to the fact that Chihuahua puppies have very small bladders, they cannot hold it very long as to big dogs, so you would definitely have to keep that in mind.

In potty training your Chihuahua you must first set up a potty schedule. At 8 weeks old a Chihuahua puppy has to use the bathroom at least every 45 minutes to an hour after eating, drinking, first waking up from sleeping and after playing.

Setting up a potty schedule for your New Puppy is the main key in potty training your Chihuahua puppy. You must strictly stick to this schedule and keep it consistent.

You can choose to either potty train a Chihuahua puppy indoors using Pee Wee pads or outdoors, which ever you prefer. Always supervise your puppy. You can keep your puppy in a crate but not for to long. Doing this can lead to accidents in the crate and can develop a bad habit.

The next step is to Learn More About Chihuahua, Training, Breed, Personality, Fitness & Care and basic obedience.

This type of training is used to teach your Chihuahua puppy to learn and to obey your commands. The basic obedience commands on how to train your Chihuahua puppy is no, sit, stay, down, and come. In this training, positive reinforcement such as treats and praise can help make this run more smoothly.

This is the most easiest and fastest way on training Chihuahua puppy obedience. In training your puppy on the command “NO”, you must always use a stern voice with the same facial expression at all times.

Puppies do not understand words but listens to the tone of your voice and different sounds. Also do not associate the command “NO” with your puppies name. This can create ignorance to his name when called.

Always make sure to always say your “NO” command at the time of catching your puppy in the act. Puppies are not mind readers and will not link your command with something he has done earlier that day.

On training a Chihuahua pup the “sit” command you must say the word “sit”, hold the treat above him and a little behind his head. This will tempt him to sit naturally.

As soon as your puppy has done so repeat the command and reward him with the treat. Repeating these steps will have your dog sitting at your command in no time. The command “down” is used for the puppy to lay down on his stomach.

Have your puppy in a sitting position then hold a treat in front of his face. Move the treat down toward the ground and this will tempt the puppy to lie down.

Once your Chihuahua has laid down, repeat the “down” command and reward him with the treat. Repeat this step faithfully and consistently and your puppy will be laying down to your command in no time.

In training your Chihuahua the “stay” command it can be very useful. To train your puppy this command you must crouch down and command him to “sit”. Then bring your palm forward in front of him and say the command “stay”. Get up and slowly walk away. Wait a few seconds and see if your puppy is still staying in the spot he was commanded to stay in.

After, reward him with a treat. With every training session with your puppy, remember to take longer steps away after the command for longer periods of time. Repeating these steps will have your Chihuahua gradually staying in one spot for long periods of time.

The final command on how to train your puppy is “come”. This command will help your puppy stay safe. Keep in mind not to associate this command with any negativity.

Punishing Your Puppies DON’T! You Need to Discipline them. Do not yell when your puppy has done something wrong.

Your Chihuahua will not come knowing that he will get in trouble, due to the fact that these smart creatures understand tones of voices. Keep in mind to praise or treat him every time he has completed the command.

Give your puppy the “come” command with open arms and a smile. This will encourage the puppy to come naturally. When your puppy has come to you reward your puppy with praise or a treat whichever you prefer.

If your Chihuahua does not come to this technique, you can attach a retractable leash to him. This allows you to give your puppy a little tug after saying the command to let him know that you want him to come here.

Follow these helpful steps and you will see a great improvement of your puppy being very obedient.

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