by Marilyn

I have Chihuahuas. My little girl ate something she shouldn't have and didn't feel well, was listless.

One time it was because I gave her a 7/1 shot and found out little dogs can't have that many shots at once only 5/1. She had a seizure, could have lost her. I gave her equal amounts of sugar and salt with water in a syringe and she snapped right out of it.

Read online once it's homemade Pedilite and know for a fact it works. It doesn't take alot for little guys like her. She's everything to me and just want to share this. It helps if a dog is overheated/dehydrated too. One time I don't know what she ingested but spent 4 days in ICU.

My house is clean so who knows what she got into. Maybe I dropped a medication on the floor. Out of the 5 Chihuahuas she's the only one I've had sick. She's only 4 lbs my appendage and spoiled rotten!

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Dec 17, 2012
Vaccine complications
by: Starwolf

Sorry your lil" one is not feeling well. I am a holistic health practitioner for over 35 years. I would like to shed some insight regarding vaccines.

There is concrete evidence that vaccines are useless. The CDC website is full of compalints and side effect studies too. Also you may want to take the time and read the inserts that come with the vaccines as they clearly outline the dangers associated with vaccines.

Whereas I cannot tell my clients what to do, I will however, share case studies and evidence so one can make their own decision.

No states have mandatory vaccines except for rabies. As small as your dogs are you should insist in the lowest dose of rabies for them. I personally have 5 rescued chi's 3, 4, 5, 6, and 6 pounds, a terrier and a chiweinie, all un-vaccinated by me. I have been rescuing animals for over 49 years including tortoises, horses, and cats. I have never vaccinated any of them except for the requires rabies.

Seizures are one of the major side effects in vaccines for humans and animals. Your lil' dog would benefit from probiotics and a homeopathic detox for vaccines available online from in WA.

For the sake of your furry family, I would rethink the vaccine issue. It is not necessary and there is a natural remedy for everything they and we can get. Research nosodes for parvo, distemper, rabies, etc. They are safe and effective. Homeopathic medicines are listed on the FDA website as safe and effective remedies and are the only thing in the natural health care field that are considered drugs as their labels state drug facts not supplement facts. They are also regulated by the FDA.

Good luck. I hope Dog 1st Aid 101 allows this post for you.

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