Chocolate Labrador Retriever Information

In the world of the Chocolate Labrador Retriever, there are essentially two types of breeding stock that breeders look for: the American Lab and the English Lab, the chocolate is prevalent in both genealogies.

As you may have guessed, the English Labrador Retriever comes from a family line that originated in the United Kingdom (although technically both types originated there). The English Labs are still bred in that area.

As a general rule, English Labradors are much thicker than the American breed; they're stockier with a heavier, build. Conversely, American Labrador Retrievers are taller and have longer legs.

They could easily be described as “lanky,” especially when compared head-to-head against an English Lab. They have a short, double coat that appears in three basic colors: black, yellow, or brown and the Silver Labrador Retriever.

The black coated variety is called simply the black lab, but the yellow coated mongrels actually have a wide variety of color in their coat, from bright yellow/golden to a dark rusty red.

Even though they're still officially considered yellow, the red labs are commonly referred to as Red Fox Labrador Retrievers.

A brown Lab is rarely ever actually called brown, but instead is called a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Their coats are dark brown, unsurprisingly the color of chocolate. Imagine that.

Recently there have been Labs that were born with a dark gray or Silver Labrador Retriever, but the American Kennel Club considers these to be actually a shade of chocolate, much the same way the Fox Red Labradors are still yellow.

The Labrador Dog are fun, lovable pets that are perfect for children. They'll form a strong bond with their masters that lasts their entire lives.

As strong as they can be though, they're always gentle with children, and you'll never see their tails stop wagging when there are kids around. Of course, as with any breed it's vitally important to Train Your Labrador Retriever before setting them loose with your young children.

They can easily get too excited and end up unintentionally hurting one of the little ones. Basic commands like “sit” and “stay” can be a really good method of restraining your dog if he starts to get rambunctious.

If you're introducing your dog to your kids for the first time you might want to know some people first aid along with your Dog First Aid. Better Safe than sorry!

Chocolate Labrador Retrievers are extremely intelligent canines. They'll quickly pick up on what's expected of them and what is considered acceptable behavior.

Don't be afraid to scold your dog if he misbehaves, but be sure to counter it with kind words when he does something he's supposed to. Remember that kind, supportive words and praise are much easier to train a dog with than cruel words and physical abuse.

Sure, if you beat your dog he'll stop doing something, but he won't understand that doing the opposite is actually what he's supposed to do.

Enjoy your chocolate Labrador Retrievers and have a lot of fun. They're incredible pets and great Hunting dogs.

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