Common Health Problems You Should Know About

Certain types of dog breeds are susceptible to certain common health problems.

For example, Bloodhounds are often susceptible to bloat,

eyelid abnormalities, and hip dysplasia while Bulldogs are often susceptible to respiratory difficulties and heatstroke.

If you own a Maltese, keep in mind that he is susceptible to slipped stifle (a joint disorder that often requires surgery) and hypoglycemia.

Below is a list of the health problems that can affect your dog. Some are considered to be serious health concern that needs medical attention.

Bloat: This common health problem mainly affects large and deep chested breeds. It occurs when the stomach swells with food, water, or internal gases. The stomach then closes itself off from relief and then quickly twists or flips over. This condition could result in death unless immediate medical help is performed.

Dog Breeds that are susceptible to bloat (German Shepherd, Standard Poodle, Saint Bernard) need to be fed smaller meals.

Exercise and water must be suspended for at least an hour after every meal.

Hip Dysplasia: This crippling disorder is prone to all breeds but generally affects medium, large, and giant dogs.

An inherited origin, this common health problem occurs when the hip does not fit properly into the socket. Treatment from this type of health problem includes painkillers, physical therapy, or a major surgery.

Dog Breeds that are most vulnerable to hip dysplasia are Otter hound, Komondor, Bullmastiff, and Akita.

A good way to decrease the chances of getting a dog that is free from this disorder is to make sure that his parents were X rayed and were found to not have this condition before being bred.

Eyelash or Eyelid Abnormalities: These conditions can be very uncomfortable to your dog. Some examples are when the eyelids turn inward which then irritates the eyeball (Entropion), or when the eyelids are turned outward (Ectropion). These abnormalities can be fixed by surgery.

Dog Breeds that are susceptible to eyelash or eyelid abnormalities include the Saint Bernard, Mastiff, and Bernese Mountain Dog.

Other health problems and diseases include hernia, ear infections, epilepsy, cancer, and digestive problems.

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