Dog Agility Training Tips

Owners sometimes forget basic Dog Agility Training Tips to help them and their dog keep on going for the day.

Dogs often need to feel like what they are doing is fun or rewarding to their masters. If you find that your Agility Training is not going quite as planned then you should analyze what could be going wrong.

Agility and Speed Training is not as hard as some owners make it seem and having a short list of agility training tips will be beneficial to your dog.

  • Dog Agility Training Tip One: Start slow and help him learn the basic Dog Obedience training. Dogs knowing how to sit, stay, heel, come, make Agility Obedience Training a lot easier and can really help you take more steps forward than back. Since dogs have already gone through some form of Dog Training, it is easier for them to learn new things because they are quick to notice patterns and body language.
  • Tip Two: In the beginning only start out with one trainer or handler. Having multiple trainers during the early stages of Canine Agility Training can really confuse a dog. In fact, it is often recommended that there should only be one trainer for all the tasks you do and not to let anyone else try and Agility Train Your Dog. The dog can obey other members of the family, but there should only be one alpha of the pack, which is you.
  • Tip Three: Positive tone of voice can increase performance greatly. Having a happy attitude towards your dog while you are training is important. Dogs that have been constantly shouted at have a harder time completing a task properly. Your dog will not know what he is being praised or punished for. You can really break a dog's confidence and make him feel like whatever you are trying to do is wrong. If you start getting frustrated during the Dog Obedience Training process remember to calm down and stop till you are ready to train him again. Frustration happens to all of us, but you should not take it out on your poor dog.
  • Tip Four: Treats. Food is a big incentive to get things done. Make sure you have small bite size treats that your dog can quickly munch on. Having treats that are too big for your dog can take too much time for him to eat and can get him stuffed faster. It is best to start training a dog early in the morning before his breakfast so that he has even more incentive to work for food. This is also good because dogs on empty stomachs are more likely to run at optimal speed.

Keep these dog agility training tips in mind and you will notice huge improvement. Another note, when Agility Obedience Training keep in mind that you should have some sort of Dog First Aid Kit just in case he either hurts or cuts himself accidentally.

No matter how safe you try to make things, dogs will find away to get themselves in trouble.

Also, if your dog is overweight, be sure to put him on an diet while Dog Agility Training.

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