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A lot of people don't seem to understand that when a dog barks, it usually wants more attention from you, its owner. Dogs are naturally pack animals, and as such they have evolved to expect a certain amount of companionship throughout their lives. If you look at any wild dogs, they are always running around in a pack. If one dog is left by itself, it's in danger of being killed by another animal. Dogs also hunt in packs, so a lone dog would not have much of a chance of finding food in the wild. Because of this, all dogs have an inherent need to be around other creatures. When you bring a dog into your home, your family is becoming its pack.

Thinking about this concept, you can probably see the toll it takes on your dog when you leave him alone for hours at a time. Separation anxiety comes in a lot of different ways. If you leave your dog at home for a week while your whole family goes on vacation, he's going to end up a nervous wreck. As far as he knows, his whole pack was killed or abandoned him. The same thing happens when you leave for a few hours, but since it's a shorter period of time, the effects are much less apparent. If your dog barks incessantly while you're gone, you can surmise that it's probably from a combination of loneliness and boredom, so simply giving your dog more attention could be the only thing you need to do to get him to stop barking.

Another reason dogs bark is because of bottled up energy that they aren't able to release. This is especially true with small breeds of dog, which have a fast metabolism and will get huge spurts of energy at any given time. If your dog is kept indoors all the time, this usually manifests with the dog running around, barking its head off, and tearing up furniture and shoes. In larger breeds, the dog will run around, but it will usually spend more time barking. If you want to get your dog to stop barking, you can play with it a little more each day, giving it the combined effect of more companionship and exercise that will get rid of the increased energy.

Some of the things that you can do to play with your dog include teaching it a new sport or going for walks. New sports are fun because they give both of you a goal. Your dog gets all the exercise he needs and you don't get bored just throwing a ball around. Agility is an excellent skill to teach when a dog barks, because it allows the dog to focus on something else. You can set up a simple agility course in your back yard to teach your dog the basics. Who knows, he could really have a knack for it and you might end up taking him to some real dog agility courses!

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