With Dog Containment Systems You Have Many Options

Dog containment systems that are in-ground or electric are a great way to safely contain your dog and give them the freedom to play.

Dog fences are quite easy to install and if you’re not hot on the idea of burying wire, you’ll be happy to know that burying the wire isn’t mandatory.

It’s completely safe and acceptable to staple the wire directly to your lawn or secure it to an existing fence.

When your dog is completely trained you can have confidence that your dog can safely play unsupervised.

Choosing a dog containment system can be daunting, but with a bit of guidance you'll quickly discover which fence is right for you.

The following are some great choices to look at:

  • The Innotek IUC 4100

The 4100 is a great all-round fence with a sleek, rechargeable collar that’s suitable for dogs weighing at least 12 lbs and have a normal correction sensitivity.

The 4100 is a great choice for owners whose dogs are similar in size and temperament.

For those whose dogs have a high tolerance against correction and/or are 100+ lbs, we recommend the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Containment System.

The Stubborn Dog delivers the strongest correction levels of any fence on the market and is a great choice for guard dog breeds and dogs that love the thrill of the chase.

Owners with dogs less than 12 lbs should go with the PetSafe Little Dog. Its tiny collar is only 2 oz and delivers a correction suited for small breed dogs.

It’s also good to know that all PetSafe in-ground collars are compatible with any of the PetSafe in-ground transmitters.

This allows owners with both large and small dogs to choose one particular PetSafe system and add extra collars to best match each dog.

Also note that PetSafe collars all require a disposable battery. So if having a rechargeable collar is important to you, the Innotek fences are your best bet.

If your neighbor has an in-ground dog fence close to your property line and you’re looking to install a fence as well, we recommend the Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra.

This fence allows you to change the frequency of the system so you can avoid interference from your neighbor’s fence.

The Deluxe Ultra collar is the only brand that has soft rubber probes that provides a more comfortable fitting collar.

If you plan to install a Dog containment system to cover more than 25 acres, the SportDog SDF 100 has a capacity of up to 100 acres. The SportDog collar is one of the most durable collars on the market, but it’s also the largest.

Finally, there are wireless options from PetSafe and Perimeter Technologies, but both lack the level of reliability we find necessary to successfully and safely contain your dog.

The boundary can be very inexact and you can only create a circular safe area no larger than 180 feet in diameter.

Keep in mind that none of these options will prevent a dog from running over the wire, after a squirrel for instance.  Then they are stuck on the outside of the fence, getting a shock every time they try to re-enter.

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