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One dog disease symptom for Rabies can be signaled by the existence of various symptoms; anxiety, for example, can indicate infection by this fatal malady.. Rabies (or hydrophobia) is a disease that can infect any type of mammal, including both dogs and humans, and its presence in dogs Rabies is one of the most well known viruses there are due to the vast amounts of species that are potentially at risk of contracting it. At the same time, though, exposure to the virus doesn't necessarily mean that there's a 100% chance of becoming infected by it; even though it can (and does) infect just about every kind of mammal there is, the truth is that humans, dogs and cats have a bit of a smaller chance of contracting it. The risks are considerably lowered for them, but it's still important to be fully educated on the disease and how it works just in case.

Because the rabies virus tends to exist at high levels in an infected animal's saliva, the most common way the Dog Disease is transferred is through a bite. Once the infection is passed on, the rabies virus spreads through the victim's nervous system, moving slowly but surely throughout the animal's body until finally reaching the brain. In dogs, this incubation period can last from three to eight days before the virus begins to work find its way to the brain, and it's not unheard of for this stage in the infection to take longer (sometimes even up to as much as six months after contraction), so it's possible that you won't notice a single dog disease symptom until some time after the animal has been bitten by another rabid creature. Once the rabies virus reaches the brain, it's only a short while before it makes its way into the dog's saliva, and the host is ripe for spreading the infection.

There are a number of stages that an infected host may go through after contracting the rabies virus. Rabid animals may go through just one, or perhaps two of these stages, but sometimes they might even end up experiencing all of them. In dogs, the first stage (known as the prodromal phase) usually only lasts for maybe two or three days. In this stage, one dog disease symptom one might notice is increased Dog Anxiety The infected might act nervous, and may also experience a fever. Most rabid animals, when going through this stage, will continuously lick the area where they were bitten. The next stage, which the infected may or may not experience, is the furious phase, which causes the dog to become increasingly hostile and irritable—This phase tends to last for about a week or less. The final phase causes the animal's muscles and nerves to be stricken with paralysis, and it will usually die as a result of a failing respiratory system.

There are currently no forms of Dog First Aid that can be used to treat rabies. Once it is contracted, the chance that the infected animal will survive is very slim. Instead, measures must be taken to prevent rabies before it ever has the chance to cause an infection. To this end, preventive vaccinations are currently the best option for ensuring that your pet does not fall prey to this illness.

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