When A Dog Eats Rat Poison - What Should You Do?

When a dog eats rat poison you should be alarmed.

It has been reported that rodenticides are one of the most common household poisons pets get into and when a dog ingests rat poison you should be alarmed.

It is one of the most deadly poisons any pet can consume and you should not wait till he or she exhibits signs of dog poison symptoms.

If your dog eats rat poison be sure to make him vomit as soon as possible.

Anyone who has a dog first aid kit can do this quite easily with the 3% hydrogen peroxide bottle provided within the kit, however, if you do not own one then you should seek a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Most popular rat poison contains a chemical called Warfarin, which is an anticoagulant chemical that destroys the body's ability to form a blood clot. It is because of this chemical, that rats and other animals that consume it will die from internal bleeding and hemorrhaging.

It can be noted as a horrible way for any animal to die. It should be mentioned that despite some rat poisons not containing warfarin, it does not make it any safer to dogs and animals alike and is still considered deadly.

Rat poison is grain based which makes it very appealing to dogs; this is problematic because they have a higher chance of consuming larger quantities due to the taste.

Owners can be too quick to rule out rat poison because they might not have any lying around. Dogs can still have access to neighbor's rat poison or even eat very poisoned rats. The most effective way to prevent your dog from eating rat poison is to use rodent traps instead of the deadly poisonous bait.

You can not always tell when a dog eats rat poison, as symptoms do not show up immediately. It can take up to three to five days to even a couple of weeks after ingestion to start showing any symptoms.

Dog owners are often mistaken that the dog will throw up the poison after consumption. This is often not true, as the poison only affects the dog's internals; there is only blood related destruction.

Some symptoms include:

  • pale gums,
  • weakness,
  • bloody nose,
  • blood in the urine,
  • blood in the feces,
  • coughing up blood
  • and internal bleeding.

Vets will usually make your dog vomit as soon as they receive your pet. If your dog ate the poison in less than 12 hours vets will often give your dog activated charcoal to prevent any more absorption.

If it has been two or more days after consumption, then they will quickly perform a plasma transfusion, which helps clotting. In some extreme events, blood transfusions and other intravenous fluids may be required.

The doctor will soon administer a special type of vitamin K for 6 weeks and would typically request for a follow up visit. It is important that your pooch does not run around or have it's normal exercise routine during those six weeks plus a week to two to be on the safer side.

When a dog eats rat poison it is a very scary thing so try and be prepared by learning some dog first aid.

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