Dog Health Heart Disease Information

Dog Health Heart Disease did you know that Nearly one-fourth of all dogs suffer from it?

It is known in canines as in humans as the silent killer. When you take Care of your dog, you should consider the health of the heart to be of the utmost importance. There are certain measures that you can take to help keep your dog’s heart healthy.

In the following are some suggestions for making sure your canine has a heart that is healthy.

  • Make sure your dog eats a well-balanced and nutritional diet. All Dog Foods that your dog ingests need to be of high quality. Never feed your dog by products or foods with fillers. A meat-based diet is highly recommended for the overall health of the pet.
  • Take the time to ensure that your dog is exercising in the correct amounts. Most experts agree that 2 to 3 hours is an adequate amount. Overweight canines should be started on low impact regimens and then gradually increased with time and tolerance. Blood flow is increased with running and this in turn will strengthen the entire cardiovascular system of your dog. Before beginning any regimen of Regular Exercise, it is best to seek the advice of your vet.
  • Educate yourself about the signs of dog health heart disease in dogs as well as the signs and symptoms of other illnesses and diseases. Some of the common signs are stomach bloating, fainting, coughing, wheezing, low energy level,swelling and others. Ask your vet or do some independent research about the breed of dog you have and the signs of heart and other diseases.
  • Take your dog for regular check-ups. Vets recommend at least once a year and then when the dog is older is may need to be twice a year.
  • Try to keep your dog at a weight that is normal for their breed. Diet and exercise play a big role in this task.
  • Heartworm is often a big danger to dogs. Be sure to treat your pet with a heartworm medication once a month. It will protect your dog from roundworm, heartworm, hookworm and whipworm.
  • Think about nutritional supplements, if your dog is a picky eater or is not receiving the correct nutrition in their diet, you should consider giving them a supplement. You vet can advise you on using these and which ones are the best.
  • Always monitor your dog. Any actions that are not normal could signal some sort of health issue. As dogs age, they become more likely to develop a dog health heart disease. You know your dog better than anyone else. In the event that you feel something is not right, you should seek the attention of your trusted vet.

A Dog Health Heart Disease can take your pet before you know what has happened. Prevention is the best way to keep this from happening.

Start when your dog is young and provide them with the best diet and treatment possible. Your care goes a long way in the prevention of heart and other diseases.

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