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The exact type of dog heart disease symptom or symptoms to look out for varies depending on which disease you suspect your pet might have. As with just about any other kind of ailment you can think of.

Heart diseases are a serious problem that can manifest in various ways, and they affect a sizable number of dogs—Especially dogs that are relatively old in age. Despite the different kinds of issues that may arise in the heart, dogs generally don't suffer from such things as heart attacks. When a dog has an unhealthy, failing heart, the illness usually comes in the form of congestive failure. With this type of affliction, the dog will often slowly display various symptoms that grow and grow in severity as time goes on.

Even though there are all sorts of different symptoms for different kinds of diseases, several maladies have common signs. One such dog heart disease symptom to keep an eye out for is a notable loss of energy. A dog suffering from heart issues might suddenly become averse to partaking in much physical activity, growing abnormally lethargic and spending an unusual amount of time sleeping. Another dog heart disease symptom is increased panting and coughing; the latter is especially suspected if it often happens to the dog late at night or when it first wakes up in the morning. A dog with heart problems might also begin to stop eating due to loss of appetite, causing substantial weight loss. These things aren't always a sign of trouble with the animal's heart, but since they are such common symptoms among several types of heart diseases, it's definitely something that should be investigated by the dog's owner rather than ignored for too long. It is strongly advised to Visit Your Veterinarian so as to make sure that these behaviors are benign.

A vet will determine what, if any, heart troubles the dog might be having based on whatever symptoms the pet's owner has observed and information obtained during the diagnostic process. Often, it can be determined whether or not a dog is suffering from a heart disease by listening for a heart murmur—Heart murmurs are caused by blood flow turbulent enough to produce a sound, which are often a sign of an underlying problem.

The veterinarian may also test to see if the dog is displaying an irregular heartbeat, and the testing involved in doing so may also help determine what type of treatment the animal will need. Fortunately, having a heart disease isn't necessarily going to be fatal, as there are assortments of Dog First Aid treatments made for that very purpose. It is possible to mend the pet's irregular heartbeat and even increase the amount of blood it pumps out. Often this is done with drugs, but depending on the particular issue, surgery might be necessary.

In order to prevent your dog from being afflicted with these sorts of diseases, it's important to take special care when selecting their Dog Food. Some diets may only worsen the effects that come with various heart troubles, and it's also possible that some of the issues might be due to vitamin deficiency.

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