Dog Holistic Health Care

A holistic approach to dog health is fast becoming the new trend among many dog owners.

This is a way of ensuring that your pet remains as healthy as possible for many years to come. There are many aspects of health that are considered using the holistic approach.

The most unique of these is the blending of minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients to supplement the health of the organs, muscle, joint and digestive system problems in pets.

When these areas are in top shape, your dog is healthy. The skin and coat will greatly benefit from holistic care as well. The diet will consist of whole grains, meat and vegetables. There will be no fillers or processed dog foods offered to your dog.

Renewal of Ancient Practices

Dog holistic health care is an ancient practice used by our ancestors and those before them. Natural health remedies were used to treat and prevent many types of illnesses.

Herbal, floral and extracts from plants of various types have kept many from being sick and cured many illnesses. Holistic health care for your pet provides you with a safe and non-invasive alternative of treatment.

Some of the health issues that can be addressed using holistic measures are discussed briefly in the following:

  • Calendula and Chamomile are plant extracts that are often used to promote wound healing in dogs. Chamomile is also used for ailments of the respiratory system.
  • Crushed flaxseed is given for relief of Constipation and other disorders of the bowels. This is not a commonly seen condition in dogs that are given a holistic diet but can be the result of another underlying illness or disease.
  • Dogs with itchy and dry skin are often treated using oats. Oats soothe and heal the skin of the dog as it does in humans.
  • If a new pup or dog has some trouble getting to sleep, the aroma of lavender can be used to relax and lull the animal to sleep.

These are only a few of the techniques that are found in the dog-holistic health care approach. Before you begin this type of care with your dog, you should thoroughly research the remedies and the mixtures you are about to use.

Not all herbs, flowers and plant extracts are safe for consumption by dogs. Some of these can be very toxic and even fatal to your dog.

Whether you decide to use the holistic approach to caring for your dog or not, you will still need the services of a vet for some health problems. You should also consult your vet before beginning this type of care.

The vet can provide you with knowledgeable input and suggestions for better care techniques. With the new trend in dog holistic health pet care, many vets are now practicing with holistic standards.

Your dog is treated as a whole with this type of care. Instead of treating an apparent illness or problem, the dog is treated on a continuous basis to prevent any health conditions from occurring.

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