Dog Poisons You
Should Know About

Having a basic understanding about the different types of Dog Poisons can greatly help your dog's chances of survival.

It can even help you start carrying activated charcoal or other medicines in your Dog First Aid Kit to counter the poison effects.

Many people are not aware that feeding your dog “harmless” peopleToxic Foods is one of the main dog poisons out there.

Dogs do not always have the same chemicals to process food like humans do and in turn your dog can suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms like Vomiting, diarrhea, and other signs of poisoning.

Pets who have access to Household Poisons such as cleaners or chemicals can also experience heavy signs of poisoning and if nothing is done it could lead to death or a coma. Be sure to keep any of these products that have been noted to be dog poisons away from pet reach.

A large percentage of the population knows about Dog Chocolate Poison and is unsafe for dogs. The reasons behind why dogs can not process chocolate as efficiently as humans are because chocolate has a compound called theobromine.

This compound is an alkaloid, which dogs can not metabolize quickly enough. When dogs eat a large amount of chocolate, the theobromine starts to reach toxic quantities of concentration. This leads dogs to go into cardiac arrest. Other chocolate symptoms include heavy breathing, rapid heart rate, vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive urination.

Sugarless candies are toxic for dogs. Any sort of candy that contains the ingredient xylitol has been noted by the National Animal Poison Control Center as dangerous. Xylitol has been noted to cause liver damage and death to dogs that have eaten too much.

If you accidentally feed your dog sugarless candy or he has stolen some off the table, then it is best to contact Animal Poison Control instead of your local vet. Your vet might not be aware that sugarless candies are harmful to dogs as this is fairly recent information. Animal Poison Control will be able to better assist you in this emergency.

Grapes have been considered poisonous when eaten in large amounts. Feeding your pooch a couple of grapes every now and then will not harm your dog. If you feed your dog an entire bag of grapes or if he ate them without your supervision then contact a vet or Animal Poison Control immediately.

Dogs will start to show signs of kidney failure after vomiting and having diarrhea. Serve kidney failure symptoms will start to show around the 24 hours after ingestion. If you have a Packaged Dog First Aid Kit available, quickly give him some activated charcoal and induce vomiting to slow the poison effects down before you reach a vet.

Before your dog is even able to ingest a poisonous substance make sure you are prepared by learning some basic Dog First Aid

Have your local Veterinarians emergency phone number somewhere visible, possibly near your dog first aid kit.

Keep in mind that if you were to call Animal Poison Control, they will charge a $65 dollar consultation fee. Be sure to have your dog's breed, sex, age, and weight information at hand when calling.

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