Essential Oils For Your Dog

Debbie sent me the following story about how Essential Oils can help your dog.

I hope you read it and enjoy it.

"When I saw your site, I was so excited because most sites promote the 'traditional' approach to health care for dogs, so people don't realize just how things like essential oils can help, with little to no side affects, unless a dog has an allergic reaction.

We have a Jack Russell terrier named Cindy. She was abused before my daughter found her running down a busy street on a day when the temperature reached only about 38 degrees as the high and brought her home and gave her a bath.

She was very thin, soaking wet, and covered with feces. We put an ad in the paper and got no response, so we took her to the pound, where we discovered she has a chip, but the contact information was not current.

She completed her stray period and we were at the top of her adoption list. While we had her, we noticed some disturbing things. If we reached for her or toward somebody else, but she was between us, she would flinch as if we were going to hit her.

If one of us yelled to somebody in another room, she would run away, and if we scolded her, she would hide under our computer desk and shake, and only if my husband went under to get her out and show her that we weren't going to hit her, she would urinate on him.

She was scared to death.

When it was time for her evaluation, the lady who did it called me and said that the only reason she was going to allow the adoption was because we brought those things to their attention before and were aware of the problems before we brought her in, otherwise, she would need some rehab.

They were concerned about a possible biting problem. Not only has she made a complete recovery, but Cindy has not bitten anybody who didn't deserve it. She bites my youngest son when they are playing, but it is all in play."

"We have had her for two years and three months and she has even made friends with our Guinea Pig and rats, which is unusual for a Jack Russell.

We have used Lavender oil to help to calm her, and now she won't even get into a bath without Lavender in it.

If you mix about 8-drops of the oil with a little bit of milk, about a restaurant dipper cup full so the oils don't just sit on top of the water, the milk helps to mix them in, and Lavender isn't poisonous to dogs.

Lavender helps a dog's skin, she has less itching and her coat is shinier. Her doggie smell doesn't come back as quickly either.

Lavender is also good to help to heal wounds. We use it when Cindy gets cuts on her paws from stickers and goatheads, and again, if a dog licks it off, it is not poisonous. It is also good for burns.

Lavender also can be rubbed into your dog's gums to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Flies don't like Lavender, and if you have a problem with flies biting your dogs ears, putting it on their ears can solve this problem.

When Cindy is having tummy troubles, we put Peppermint essential oils on her front paws, where she is most likely to lick it off, and it helps her tummy.

It can also be rubbed directly on a dog's or human's stomach to calm an upset stomach. Putting it on the paws insures that you aren't going to be bitten while trying to get it into your dogs mouth.

Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils, can also help with fleas.

Never use Tea Tree oil on cats though, it is poisonous to cats! Peppermint is your safest bet to use on cats.

All of these can be used on humans as well. I'm not sure about rubbing Lavender into a human's gums, I have only heard about it on dogs' gums.

I can't imagine it would taste very good. If your pet has fleas, you could have them in your bedding, so putting Tea Tree oil or Peppermint on yourself can help you as well!"