Famous Jack Russells on TV and in the Movies

As you might know, there have been many Famous Jack Russells because when it comes to intelligence, Jack Russells are very smart.

Why else would you think that they have been cast in so many movies?

If you start Training your Jack Russell puppy from a very young age, you will be surprised at all the remarkable things that they are capable of. Who knows, your little Jack Russell Pup might be the next leading dog.

A lot of people do make the mistake in thinking that their Jack Russell will be the same as those they see on the television. It is not a far-fetched goal, but if you want your Jack to be part of the famous Jack Russells it will take a lot of patience, Training and work.

If you are looking for some inspiration to turn your Jack Russell Terrierinto one of the famous Jack Russells, you have come to the right place. Lets us take a look at these television and movie Jack Russells.

In the 1960’s comics there was Krypto the Super dog. This dog was the last survivor of planet Krypton. Today Krypto has his own games, toys, comics and even a cartoon show on Saturday mornings. Talk about having a paw in the industry. This dog’s character is based on this breed and he is mainly white with a soft coat.

One very popular pup from television, called Moose made his appearance in a few popular TV shows. Moose played the Jack Russell Terrier, Eddy, in Frasier; the popular spin off of the show Cheers. This canine had such unique facial expressions as well as the ability to do everything expected of him, on time.

This is way he is one of the leading dog actors in show business. He also moved on to playing the lead role in a children’s movie called “My dog Skip”. How is that for being one of the famous Jack Russells?

One of my personal favorites when it comes to the list of famous Russells is definitely Milo, in The Mask. This dog plays such a humorous and unique role alongside Jim Carrey in this comedy. Even Milo turns into an uncontrollable little monster when the mask it attached to his head.

If you are a Jack Russell Owner or a fan you will probably now about the show, Wishbone. I remember it coming on television early in the mornings.

This Jack played a role in which he even dressed up and told classical stories. In real life this famous Jack Russell is called Soccer, and this dog really reflects the personality of this breed on the screen.

You might be dreaming big if you want your little pup to become famous, but at least he or she will have a lot of dogs to look up too. Maybe you can start small with doggie advertisements.

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Famous Jack Russells to Jack Russell Terrier

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