Feeding Dogs Raw Food Information

There is a lot of controversy about whether or not Feeding Dogs Raw Food is good for them.

There are common myths and health concerns generated from this notion and it makes sense for dog owners to be a bit weary about what they feed their dog.

This is not an article advocating the evils of processed foods nor is it a completely biased one as to why feeding dogs raw food is the only way like so many other articles I have found online. I am letting the reader decide for himself or herself and make a responsible decision over what they feel is safe to feed their dog.

I believe raw feeding greatly depends on the dog owner's lifestyle. I feed my dog’s Senior Science Diet kibble on a regular basis because Science Diet is a trusted brand and it has the necessary nutrition for my older dogs.

I can buy large dog bags that can last well over a month for my three large dogs and can keep it in a Dog Food Containers so bugs cannot crawl in. I feed my dog’s whole rabbit, fish, chicken innards, and ox tailbones when they are readily available.

I can make a full transition over to raw feeding for around the same price as what I pay for senior food if I were to shop at cheaper butchers and not go to the supermarket.

Often times butchers will give you a discount price on meat that almost no one buys, like chicken or pork feet and other nasties, or meat that is on the verge of going bad. I have gotten slabs of meet starting to turn a bit green before, but for 40% the price, I am not complaining.

When I say a Raw Dog Food Diet depends on lifestyle, I mean it. A lot of time can be spent buying and storing raw meat and when it comes down to feeding three dogs twice a day; there is only so much meat you can hold in your freezer.

This means that I would typically have to go out twice a week for Dog Food shopping just for my dogs. Having a full time job and other household responsibilities can really dig into this time, which is why I have not been able to fully transition over.

However, in terms of feeding dogs raw food, people are often concern that dogs will end up choking on the bones. If you dog is known for inhaling kibble or gets too excited when food arrives, then you want to watch your dog eat the whole chicken or start by feeding him in small increments and see how he reacts.

Bones are quite rubbery when not cooked so if the dog is a slow eater there is no need to prepare for Dog First Aid. In terms of Dog Health, I notice my dog's fur greatly improves and they end up having a lot more energy.

They are also not as hungry when it is time for their next meal, unlike kibble also known as Grain Free Diet where they always want more.

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Feeding Dogs Raw Food to Dog Food

Feeding Dogs Raw Food

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