French Poodle Information

Whenever you mutter the words French Poodle to people who have never owned one, they will quickly know which dog you are referring to.

They will have images of the well cut trim and the different hairstyle. The Standard Poodle is one of most wildly recognizable dogs in the world. They got a really good reputation for being the second smartest dog in the world.

Some might think of the dog to be pampered and spoiled, but that really showcases the owner and not the dog itself.

In fact, many are sort of surprised at how the French poodle can be considered so smart when they are prancing around in headbands at a dog show.

Dog shows are really to blame for this Poodle imagery, as they are really quite hard working dogs and aren't afraid to get muddy. They were bred to become water retrievers.

This is why their fur is so special compared to other dogs. They do not shed as much, which makes them prefect for any allergic dog lover to have.

Their fur grows like human hair, so that means there is some maintenance to it. Their hair needs to go for a trim every six weeks and must be washed every two.

Since their hair is so curly, Poodle Grooming must be done almost daily to ensure that any stray hairs that have been shed are not caught in the curls. If you do not comb your French poodle often, it will have mated and tangled hair. This is usually bad for the dog.

For those who don't care about your dog being a bit matted looking, it is actually awful for the poodle as the hair is able to trap moisture, natural oils, and other foreign objects in it. When this happens, it can cause an array of bacteria to grow on the skin/hair.

This causes the poodle to experience skin problems that even Dog First Aid won't help. Sometimes it gets so matted that you might have to snip it off, which means your dog looks somewhat bald and sickly.

The French poodle isn't dumb and can learn Poodle Training in a variety of things, even search and rescue. As poodles are so intelligent, they do get bored easily.

This is a trait that is shared by most intelligent dogs. They are smart enough to find trouble if they feel like they aren't getting enough attention. They usually like to be the center of attention and can get jealous if you are playing with another dog.

The breed has been amazing at tricks, which is probably why several circuses have put this animal in their routine. A British circus called Grimaldis had stated that they had a better circus act when they introduced a dog named 'Twinkle' to their play.

It seems that male poodles make better pets, because they are quicker learners and not as lazy as females. This breed is also very good with children and can become quite overly protective of them.

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