Gabby's Story

by Edie



In May 2008, my best friend rescued me.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Gabby and I am a Miniature Schnauzer.

My new mom has not had it easy with me; however, when we met I knew that I hit the lottery. I was very sick when I arrived at my new home; I was infested with fleas and ticks along with a very high fever.

You could say I picked up a bug. The fleas and ticks attacked my blood and I became extremely anemic. I was a little puppy then, and mommy would stay up all night and hold me while I slept. She would give me my medicine and vitamins every day, even though I would hide from her.

I am all better now, plus I am all grown up. For my second birthday, mommy took me on an adventure. She said it was a surprise, and I trusted her; but boy, what an adventure she took me on.

We started in a car and drove a long way to someplace she called an airport. I was excited to be able to get out of the car; little did I know I would not be allowed to roam free. Mommy put me in a crate! What was she doing? She does not even leash me and now I am in a crate.

I was kind of scared when she took me into this big machine, and in my crate I was placed under a seat. There was this roaring noise and all of a sudden we were up in
the air!

I had no idea what was going on, but I had to trust my mommy. Before I knew it the big machine became real bumpy and I heard people say we were landing. We got out of the machine, which I found out was an airplane and mommy let me walk on my leash, ugh!

Then my surprise came; she took me to a restaurant. I ate a chicken Caesar salad and had plenty of water. All of a sudden, I was back in my crate and on another airplane. Was mommy going crazy? After what seemed like an eternity to me I was finally allowed out of my crate to do my business.

Our adventure did not stop there; into another car for a long, long, ride. I was in some strange place called North Carolina. Thank goodness for the cheeseburger she bought me; because, I was starving.

I met real nice people in North Carolina but there were some strange creatures there. I found out they were African Grey birds: Julie and Sadie. Julie was cool because she always dropped goodies for me to eat; however, mommy figured out why I was getting fat!

I ran and played all day long chasing leaves that were falling from trees. I was having such a good time that I learned how to open the door all by myself.

Our adventure ended all too soon, and before long, I was in a car and back on those big airplanes. Mommy took me home and I love her even more for my surprise!

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What a great job!
by: Jenn

You are such a great writer! I loved it, it was so cute and told like I'm sure Gabby would have said it, exactally! Write a book, even a children's book you would be great!!!

Gabby the writer
by: THayes

You should really consider writing a book. Very well written. I felt like I was on the ride with Gabby. LOL Seriously, though, Gabby is lucky to have such a great Mom and mom should consider a new career in writing.....

Nice story
by: Lynn

Gabby is a talented writer. Her words took me along with her on her adventures.

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