German Shepherd Dog Training Information

German Shepherd Dog Training is very important and any dog owner needs to have a set of basics at hand.

Disaster Preparedness are you and your dog prepared in the unfortunate event of a disaster?

Having a Dog First Aid Kit and a Obedient and well trained dog is important to get you and your family, pets and all, out as safely as possible with no one getting left behind in the event of a disaster.

As German Shepherd Dogs are larger dogs, there is no way possible that we can simply stick them in a purse and escape from the disaster, and if you own a relatively small car, it might also seem impossible to put one or two of your pets in a dog carrier with the entire family in the back.

German Shepherd dog training is probably the best way for you to have a stable and civilized dog in a moment of distress.

Depending on the age of your dog, you will find it may take longer to Train Your Dog and show it what is the right and wrong action to do.

Even older dogs can be trained, though it takes a lot more patience and if you do not keep up the training they will soon forget everything you taught them or pretend they do not understand you.

Standard commands are easier to follow and easier to remember for your older dog such as sit, stay, heel. The more complicated ones to remember are agility type training, trying to get your dog to go through a dark tunnel instead of around it, having them stay in one place for a long period of time, or going out to a new public place and being able to not let them walk ahead of you on the leash.

German Shepherd Training can also be fun for you and your dog, and keep in mind that a German Shepherd Dog was breed as working dog so even at an old age, they want to get out and work.

There are some fun activities to do with your dog that do not involve competition, so even if you are trying to get an old dog to jump through hoops, they do not need to be timely at doing it, they just have to listen to you.

German Shepherd Training Tips

The first step to training your dog is using a basic command like 'sit' followed by a hand motion enchaining that command. The hand motion also helps from afar so you do not have to shout all the way across the park to get your dog to listen to you.

You can pick whatever hand motion you feel suitable for the command you are trying to teach. Giving your dog a little incentive in the very beginning - typically treats or a bit of dog food, will help with results.

After the dog knows the command for a while you can stop giving them treats. Make sure you are clear on your commands and to always reward and verbally acknowledge the dog when it has done well and to always say 'No' or something equally negative when it has not.

I hope this German Shepherd Dog Training Information was helpful.

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