Grain Allergies - yes, they are real

by Elizabeth B.
(Latham, NY)

I have a 12 year old lab mix named Lucy. Last summer she began having almost daily diarrhea. I had been feeding her Wellness formula, and Wellness biscuits.

She went to the vet numerous times, had numerous tests,and was constantly on metronidazole. Lucy reached the point where even daily metronidazole was not preventing the diarrhea. She was losing weight, and her little hiney was bright red with irritation.

I read online that dogs can be susceptible to grain allergies, and other types of food allergies, even if they had been eating the same food all along, which was true for Lucy. I researched the best brands of grain free dog food. I switched Lucy slowly, over a week's time, to Acana dry food. The diarrhea stopped for good!! It has been almost a year now. I recently started her slowly on Merrick's wet food ( researched first), along with the dry Acana, plus a couple of spoonfuls of canned cooked pumpkin. She gets plain rice chex for treats - no dog biscuits. NO DIARRHEA in almost one year!! I love my vet, but no one told me about this - I had to read about it on the Internet and figure out what to do on my own. I think the Wellness brand is a great product; Lucy just could no longer digest it.

Elizabeth B.
Latham, NY

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