15 “Welcome Home” items you will need for your new Greyhound Dog

If you are soon to get a Greyhound dog or have just recently brought one home, chances are they are full grown adult dogs.

In fact, under most every circumstance, Greyhounds are only sold after they have finished their racing career.

The only way to get one as a puppy would be if they were injured as pups or were some reason not equipped to race, like the runt of the pack for example.

But regardless of just how you got your Greyhound dog or under what circumstance, I would like to welcome you to the club!

There is nothing more enjoyable than owning this magnificent breed of dog that is absolutely loving to the family.

To help you welcome your new Greyhound dog, below is a list of virtually everything you will need for your new noble pet:

1. Stainless steel water bowls and stainless steal food bowls: I recommend this because plastic can cause allergic reactions at times.

2. Toy options: stuffed animals, stuffed socks, latex squeakies, fleece-type toys, empty milk jugs, etc.

3. Buckle collar: This is for wearing around the house.

4. Cage: This is optional and if you choose one then make sure it is large enough for an adult to stand up in. You may want to choose a plastic cage that is easy to take apart and is airline approved.

5. Lightweight retractable leash: This is also optional and if you do choose to have one be sure not to scare your Greyhound off by dropping it and causing it to retract towards her.

6. Standard leash: This can be made of leather, nylon, or web. Be sure never to use a chain. It is hard to hold.

7. Chew-bones: Anything that will help the dog satisfy its chewing needs would suffice. Rawhide is also great.

8. Soft brush for grooming the coat.

9. Nail clippers: The guillotine type is much easier to use for both you and your Greyhound.

10. Pooper Scooper: The two-piece rake type is best for use in grass.

11. Dog Bed: A been-bag type bed is perfect for the thin-coated Greyhound.

12. First aid kit

13. Dog shampoo: It is important to stick with dog shampoo brands and not human shampoo as we have different pH levels than dogs and it could cause severe irritation on their skin.

14. Sweater for the winter

15. Small child wading pool: If you really want to spoil your Greyhound dog then make sure to have one of these in your yard for the Greyhound to cool off after playing in the hot sun.

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