History of the Greyhound Dog:
Part 2 of 4

During Part 1 of the history of the Greyhound dog our discussion about the history and origin of the Greyhound breed we touched up on their natural speed, which helped them become great game hunters in the lands of North Africa and Arabia.

As well as sport racers in the lands of Egypt. And because Greyhounds were of high value to people, they were commonly given as gifts and traded with caravan traders, which brought them to the rest of the world.

There became a breed of Greyhound that most resembles our current look of the dog breed known as sighthounds.

The quintessential sighthound is the Greyhound of today. In fact, the sighthounds of Greece, Rome and Britain are the breed that most resemble today's Greyhounds.

By the Saxon times, the Greyhounds in Britain had ranked very high in value to the commoners.

These dogs had the ability both feed the family and offer the people nobility for the sport of the chase.

Interestingly enough, the year 1014 marked the beginning of a 4-century-long stage of the history of the Greyhound.

It was known as the “Enactment of the Forest Laws”. This meant that serfs and slaves had no rights to own a Greyhound dog.

Under the Forest Laws, the Greyhound dog breeds were only to be owned and raised by freemen.

And those who did own a Greyhound dog living near the royal forests had to have their dogs lamed by having three toes off of the paw chopped off or by having the dog's knee ligaments severed.

What was the point reason for this cruel and unusual practice of mutilating the Greyhound?

Well this law was introduced to prevent a commoner from hunting game for food at the expense of royal sport. Read more about the History of the Grey hound dog in part 3.

Greyhound Dogs Part 3

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