Use Homeopathy For Dogs To Relieve Separation Anxiety

Homeopathy for dogs uses the same remedies and treatment methods to help treat your dog's illness as is recognized for diseases and conditions in humans.

These remedies can give your dog permanent relief from (or a permanent lessening of) the symptoms of disease by helping his body deal with the illness, not just the symptoms.

Homeopathy (also spelled homoeopathy in England and other countries) is based on the Law of Similars, or "let like cure like." Dr. Samuel Hahnemann studied the effects of minute doses of illness-causing agents on healthy people.

He discovered that these small doses mimic the effects of larger amounts of the same agents in ill people.

He realized that he could treat the sick with these same small doses.

The major difference between conventional medicine and homeopathy is their "take" on illness. Allopathic (conventional) medicine equates the symptom with the disease — treat the symptom and you've treated the disease.

Interestingly, the smaller the amount of a homeopathic remedy, the stronger the dose.

Homeopathy recognizes symptoms as signs of imbalance in an organism. It then treats the underlying cause of the imbalance, restoring the balance native to that being.

Homeopathy for Dogs

The same homeopathic medicines that help you and your family heal can help your dog heal from injuries and diseases, and deal with conditions such as separation anxiety.

But please do not treat him without first consulting a veterinarian trained in homeopathy.

Since homeopathy restores balance, each individual's needs are different, even if the disease is the same.

Only someone trained in homeopathy — in this case, a vet — has the training, skills and information to correctly select the appropriate remedy for your dog.

Which homeopathic remedy should you use to calm your dog's separation anxiety and nervousness?

I have found two that I am comfortable recommending (please remember that I am not a vet; consult yours before using either of these remedies). I have listed them below.


Homeopet is one of the leading pet homeopathy product manufacturers. They produce only homeopathic remedies for animals.

According to HomeoPet, this particular product, Anxiety,

"promotes a sense of calm in animals exhibiting fear, fretting, anxiety or any unwanted behavior caused by:

  1. Being left alone — separation

  2. Travel anxiety — car sickness

  3. Thunderstorms

  4. Fireworks

  5. Loud noises

  6. Vet or groomer visits

  7. Other stressful situations"

Newton Homeopathics Nervousness

Another quality company, Newton Homeopathics, provides Nervousness. According to Newton Homeopathics, Nervousness is "for relief of nervousness, stress, anxiety during travel and before cat or dog shows. To calm high strung animals."

While not specifically for separation anxiety, it will help you with a dog who is generally nervous and causes problems while you're away.

You may find it particularly useful if you ever have to evacuate your home due to a disaster.

See Disaster Preparedness for more information.

Homeopathy for dogs can work wonders for many physical and psychological conditions.

However, separation anxiety has a learned behavior component.

I recommend you combine a homeopathic remedy with some behavioural training and investigation into how dogs think to ensure an effective and long-lasting cure.

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