Is Negasunt Toxic To Dogs?

Negasunt is a medication used to treat maggot infested wounds on dogs, cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats and camels.

Negasunt - toxic medication

Presumably, this has been tested, but given the target animals, which are raised in third world countries where there may be less oversight and concern about their health and emotional well being, it's possible it hasn't had much testing.

It comes in a powder form, and is sprinkled on to the affected area, such as wounds, especially those with maggot infestations. It also comes in spray form, in liquid format. The same formulation is in both.

It does work, but it has the horrible side affect of causing kidney failure if ingested. 

Those of us with dogs know that any kind of wound will cause them to lick it, sometimes to their detriment.  Hence the widespread use of 'e-collars'; in this case referring to Elizabethan collars, not electronic collars.  Elizabethan collars are a plastic cone, sometimes referred to as the 'cone of shame' due to some dogs hangdog expression when wearing one.

An e-collar is meant to prevent them from turning their head to access a wound on their leg, or belly - they are quite astonishingly agile.  There are also collars made of a cushion which attaches to their neck, which do the same thing, preventing access until the wound is healed.

Negasunt is composed of Coumaphos: 3% Propoxur: 2% Sulfanilamide: 5% in a powder format. The instructions say 'Sprinkle Negasunt powder on the wound covering the entire affected area twice daily till the wound heals', without a lot of mention of the toxicity of it.

In fact, in doing research on this product, either the company website was defunct, it caused my browser to object, saying there was danger, or the information was so scanty as to be unusable in making any kind of decision about this product that my recommendation is to not use it. 

Other people may feel differently, but my feeling is that something so toxic to dogs that does nothing to warn about it is not worth the risk.

In countries such as Trinidad and India and others there may not be a lot of choices of medications for these types of injuries. 

If you're looking for something to help with large lesions or maggot infested wounds, Negasunt might be your last resort - use it carefully.

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Negasunt poisonous to dogs 
Is Negasunt poisonous to dogs? I have used it to remove maggots on a leg wound on a a six year old Rottweiler. He has licked it off . He now seems …

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