Kidney Dog Disease;
What You Need To Know

All dogs are prone to some type of kidney disease as they approach their older years in life.

This is especially true for dogs that reach the age of eight or above. In fact, this is the approximate age when the kidneys are less likely to function as they did during the dog's younger years.

If your adult dog comes down with a kidney disease then that means that his/her kidneys have sustained some type of damage that is inhibiting their ability to strain and eliminate the waste products.

This dog disease of the kidneys can either be called sudden acute or a long term dog disease, otherwise labeled as “chronic”.

What could be the cause of a kidney disease?

This question has many possible answers to it because there is always an underlying cause of problem which is hard to pinpoint immediately.

For example, acute kidney disease could have been started and brought on by a significant drop in blood pressure or a heavy loss of fluids.

Many dogs go into shock from a traumatic experience which could be a cause of kidney disease.

Or perhaps the animal ate some sort of toxic chemical

which directly affected his health and caused this dog disease. The underlying causes of kidney problems could have even been brought on by heart failure or the result of an infectious disease as well.

As you can see, there are numerous causes of Dog Diseases that could contribute to kidney failure in your dog.

Visit Your Veterinarian so that they will be able to help you treat the underlying cause and accurately pin point the problem.

One such treatment is typically the restoration of urine production.

In talking about chronic kidney dog disease, which is a much slower degenerative process, we want you to understand that the symptoms often take years to surface.

A chronic dog disease like this is much worse because the kidneys have usually taken a beating for years before being treated.

What are the common causes of chronic kidney dog disease?

Just like acute kidney disease, this problem can also be caused by similar circumstances such as heart disease, infections, diabetes, or poisoning.

One of the reasons why chronic kidney disease takes so long to spot is because the kidneys contain a large amount of reserve tissue that is normally capable of toxin disposal.

About two thirds of the total damage happens before symptoms of this dog disease can be detected.

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