Some Mini Beagle

The mini beagle is undoubtedly a cute bite-size version of the regular-sized beagle.

For those looking to obtain one of these cute little versions, be careful of Beagle Health concerns. There are a lot of breeders that specifically specialize in the mini and this can actually be a great downfall for the Beagle Breed.

There are a lot more incidences of genetic flaws in the mini than there are with the regular-size beagle. This might be because breeders breed the mini based on size and do not consider the health flaws the parents might have.

This is most common with breeders who are in the 'mini beagle' breeding business. Be aware of the risks and take the health factors into consideration when trying to buy a Miniature Beagle.

Good breeders will often have beagles for sale, and sometimes they might have the Miniature Beagle Puppies as well. Looking for these types of breeders are far safer option to choose from.

When trying to obtain a Pocket Beagle Puppies, make sure that the breeder does not raise them generation after generation as this is more likely to cause genetic defects.

A good breeder will be able to tell you the genetic line of how their Beagle Dogs came to be. The mini should actually have grand parents and even parents of the standard beagle size. By mixing beagles that vary in size to achieve the miniature, you are less likely to have genetic problems.

You mostly want to avoid breeders who breed miniature beagles with Miniature Beagles generation after generation. However, it should be noted that if a breeder breeds a mini with a mini for the first time, and both of these minis came from 'standard' beagles, then it is considered safe to buy.

Sometimes, when you're looking at purchasing a small beagle, you might start to see beagles that do not usually come in 'normal' beagle color. You mostly want to stay away from this.

Typically this means that the breeder has been mixing smaller dogs with the beagle to achieve the Beagle Mix and therefore the dog you might be buying is not pure.

If you are not too concerned about buying a pure breed dog, then just made sure you're not paying purebred prices for a non-purebred dog. You can also check out your local shelters to find some mixed beagles for free, if you'd like to Adopt A Beagle and give a stray a good home.

For those who might already have a mini beagle and did not deeply check their breeder, then it is best to prepare your Dog First Aid Kit for genetic defects.

Some genetic defects appear gradually and do not become serious until the dog is older. Other medical defects can simply appear out of the blue.

You might want to Visit Your Veterinarian about your Beagles Health and maybe do the necessary xrays and tests to ensure they are healthy.

Even if you were given a certified paper from your breeder stating that your dog is healthy, it simply means that their parents were healthy and says nothing about your Dog and the future problems it might have.

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