Miniature Dachshund Dogs Information

Miniature Dachshund dogs are playful creatures that love attention and will do anything to make their owners happy.

They are dogs that love to chase wild animals and will even go into the animal's burrow to try and get them. The Dachshund's tail was specifically bred for when they got stuck in a burrow.

The long and curved tail was designed in such a way that a hunter would pull on it to get the Dachshund out of a hole and to successfully catch the animal. Their tail is also incredibility useful for when the Dachshund would wander in tall grass. It would be the only indicator for the hunter to know where his dog was.

These miniature Dachshund dogs are very stubborn and will often not want to give up the chase. They can be quite fast runners and you can quickly lose your dog if you do not have a leash on him. Owners might have a hard time getting their Dog to completely stop barking at a creature because this sort of barking is simply built in them.

Hunters would locate where the barking was - sometimes this was muffled as Dachshunds were often barking while in a hole - and would be able to locate the injured badger or rabbit. You can take a Dachshund far away from the animal's burrow and they will have enough nerve to follow the scent back and continue trying to get the creature.

Miniature Dachshund dogs are very muscular dogs even though they may not look like it. Their heads help greatly with balancing their long spine and their feet are widely spaced. Their front feet are very strong as they are used for digging out hidden animals.

Their back feet are smaller than their front, which is sometimes a rare find as most dogs have evenly shaped feet. However, their back thighs are probably just as strong, or even stronger, than their front feet because they have to use a lot of this strength when running. All four paws are very compacted and have tough pads.

Be sure not to leave your Dachshund out in your yard too long as they can be heavy diggers and might destroy important plants and herbs that have been planted. Dachshund Dogs love to hide random objects and they can sometimes do this heavily if they are bored.

The best way to ensure that they do not destroy your house or furniture is to give them lots of attention. Pampering them is probably the best thing a Dachshund Dog could ever receive. When you leave the house make sure your dog has plenty of toys to play with so that he'll never get bored.

It is important to have a fence around your house if you know that your area gets a lot of wild life. Poisonous or venomous animals could enter into your yard and seriously injure your dog.

Having a Dog First Aid Kit to help pump your dog's stomach from any toxins is very important as these Dachshund Miniature Dogs are known to bite or go after smaller animals.

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