Miniature Poodle Information

When it comes to dogs, no breed is more easily recognized than the Miniature Poodle.

Poodles are intelligent canines with a sharp eye and a relaxed temperament that makes them easy to get along with. In fact, aside from the hyper intelligent Border Collie , Poodles may be the smartest dog breed in the world, although that's a subjective argument that could never really be proven.

Whether or not they're the smartest, they certainly are bright little guys, and if you don't keep your Breed Miniature Poodle occupied you might find him getting into some trouble.

Poodles are very good natured dogs as well. Due to their small size and mild temperament, they make excellent home pets, and will even have no trouble riding around in purses or bags.

That's why they are so stereotypically seen among upper class women. You could almost say that being toted around by the ruling class is in their blood. In France, they were carried in the coat sleeves of rich women.

Any time their hands got cold they could just wrap them around the Small Poodle in their sleeve and warm them up again. Because of this, miniatures, and toys as well, were referred to as either ”sleeve dogs” or simply “hand warmers.”

Because of their intelligence, Poodle Dogs are very common in the show ring. They naturally excel no matter what you ask them to do, and they will often come out on top in agility and obedience tests.

A lot of their affability comes from their sincere drive to just want to please their owners. They're very open to affection and coddling, so don't neglect the kind words with your miniature poodle – whether you're Poodle Training him for a show or just playing in the living room.

The Poodle (as well as the toy poodle) are breeding ancestors of the Standard Poodle, a common hunting dog in Germany and France in the 16th and 17th century. To be completely honest though, “ancestor” is probably not the right word to use.

Standard Poodles make claims for being the oldest breed of Poodle, but genealogists are pretty certain that this Poodle variety was bred not too far down the line.

They were just used for wholly different purposes and there was no real connection in the field. Either way, the Poodle Dog Breed and toy poodles are just descending versions of the same dog.

They all exhibit the same characteristics, the same fur type, and the same loving temperament, they just happen to be different sizes.

If you own a Poodles, you need to make sure they get plenty of Regular Exercise .

They are brimming with energy and will play for hours, long after you're huffing and puffing. They're curious too, and have a tendency to get into tight spots.

You'll need a Dog First Aid Kit but you're just as likely to use a wedge and a crowbar to get them out of holes! No matter how you look at it, the poodle is a brand you can love.

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