The Myth about Neutering
Your Male Dog:

The Myth about neutering your male dog:

Many male dog owners are reluctant to get their dog neutered.

They have reasons that are, ironically enough, not due to the operating and surgical procedure of neutering, but rather because of several myths that float around.

Unfortunately, most people accept these myths as facts.

Myth about neutering: “My dog will be upset with me for not ever having a sexual experience”.

The Canine sex drive has nothing emotional or romantic involved in it. It is purely instinctual and your dog cannot have any type of anger towards you for this.

In addition, scientific studies show that dogs do not act out sexual behavior unless sexually stimulated.

Believing this myth about your dog is simply an attitude of anthropomorphism.

Myth: “My dog will become wimpy and sad”.

Having your dog neutered will have absolutely no effect on his strength.

His stamina will also remain strong and resilient.

And above all, your male dog might actually prove to be a happier one when all of those sexual frustrations have been quelled by the neutering surgery.

Myth: “My dog will not a good watch-dog anymore”. This is just completely false. There is nothing about your dog being a good watch-dog that will be effected by a neutering operation.

Myth: “It is unnatural to neuter a male dog”.
In today's world of the domesticated dog, there is nothing “natural” about its living. Dog's are dependent upon people for their food, shelter, and even their health.

They no longer run with the pack like a wolf so having your dog neutered is nothing new to the unnatural new world of the dog.

Myth about to neuter or not: “Neutering will make my dog get fat and lazy” The only thing that will cause your dog to get fat is too much food and not enough exercise.

If your dog gets fat then it will not be the operation that does it, but rather because the owner is not feeding the right amount of food to the dog as well as ignoring adequate exercise.

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