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Finding non allergic dog breeds is one way that people with dog and dander allergies are hoping to get around those allergies and finally own a dog for themselves. A lot of people in the United States are allergic to dogs and cats, and one of the best ways to avoid experiencing symptoms like this is to get a Non Shedding Dog Breed that won't leave dander everywhere. Or at least, that's what a lot of people think. The truth is really a lot less complicated and easier to pull off.

Before getting into that though, let's talk about what pet allergies are and what causes them. When someone's allergic to a dog or a cat, it's said that they have a pet allergy. Now, what they're allergic to isn't the actual animal itself but the dander that they give off, and in some cases their saliva as well (good luck finding a non salivating dog). Dander is the name given to the millions of tiny particles of dust, hair, and skin flakes that fall off an animal. Every animal has it, its just called something different depending on what species they are. In humans, for example, it's called dandruff. Those little white flakes are actually pieces of your scalp that dried and flaked off. You will always have this to some degree; it's just that it's not always visible.

In animals, these little bits of skin and hair contain a protein that many people develop a reaction to. This protein is the actual allergen. It's present in saliva too, and when a dog licks himself it gets deposited on the fur, which will then fall off and get into your sinuses. Many so called non allergic dog breeds shed much less than other breeds, and for this reason people with allergies favor them over Most Popular Dog Breeds that shed a lot. In reality, it's not the fur that matters so much as the dander, the flakes of skin.

The solution then isn't to stop the hair from falling out, but to stop the skin from flaking off so much. When you have dandruff, you moisturize it so that the top of your head isn't so flaky. With animals, you can easily treat excessive dander by simply bathing them at least two times every week. When you wash them, all of the dry dander gets wet and sticks to the water in the bathtub. Then, you just flush it down the drain before it has a chance to become airborne. Not only are you washing off the dander that's already present; you're cleaning the fur so that it doesn't form as much or as often. This is a much better solution than trying to find some non allergic dog breeds because it allows you to pick any dog breed you like. Of course, Small Dog Breeds that shed less are still preferable, and you still need to know Dog First Aid and other dog care skills in order to successfully raise and care for your dog.

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