Coping With Older Dog Health Problems

Older Dog Health Problems like nephritis and rheumatoid arthritis become more difficult to deal with when your dog gets older.

Nephritis is the inflammation of the kidneys that needs constant attention by your veterinary doctor. Dogs as they get older also face the risk of prostate disease that is one of the most common older canine health problems.

Diabetes can also affect your dogs health in their senior years, while many are known to experience liver ailments as well. Most of these ailments may arise around 7 years onward, depending on the average life expectancy of the breed.

Just like us humans, dog health problems are an unfortunate part of the aging process.

Many common ailments like arthritis, incontinence, and gum disease are a sign of older dog health problems that need to be dealt it with care. A dog’s metabolism slows down with age, which can also be a cause for obesity.

Among the other older dog health problems are urinary incontinence where the bladder fails to perform its duty properly. Cardiac functions and decreased immunity can crop up with age.

Medications and other forms of treatment can help some of the less debilitating older dog health problems. A healthy diet and medication can help a dog cope with kidney problems. Antibiotic treatments are usually administered for dogs with bacterial infections.

If your older dog is diagnosed with diabetes then your vet may recommend insulin treatment.

Just make sure your dog is kept in a warm place if he is suffering from arthritis. This condition can be very painful and you need to take as much care to make your dog as comfortable as possible.

Gum disease is also common so make sure that your dog gets proper dog dental care to avoid painful decaying of the teeth and gums.

It is prudent to keep abreast of older pet health problems and recent advancements in medicine. Your dog’s aging needs include a healthy diet, exercise, and supplemental needs.

Make vaccinations and regular visits to the vet should be a habit so that your vet has the best treatment accessible at any time.

Taking proactive measures will help your older dog live a quality life in his old age. We as pet owners are accountable and responsible in helping our pets maintain optimal dog health care to enjoy the rest of their years. Good habits must be in place right from the start.

Difficulty with dog eye health and hearing are common older canine health problems. Most dogs are prone to cataracts or thickening of the lenses, and glaucoma, where excessive pressure is exerted on the eye.

Some dogs suffer from hearing disabilities, which will be evident when they fail to respond to a call. The good side of hearing loss is that the older dog may have less anxiety over things like thunderstorms.

It is important to give your dog a diet recommended by the vet since it will help boost his weakening immunity. This is the time to groom your dog more often and don’t give up on exercising your dog although you may need to curtail the time and pace considerably.

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