Pancreatic Cancer

by Jo Wyman
(West Hills, California USA )

First I want to say that you as a pet owner have to be your own advocate for your dog. I rescued my female boxer Lulu, when She was four, she will be 8 march 14th of this year.

I had her for two years and everything was great but all of a sudden she just started Vomiting. Not all the time just here and there. I had her and my Bulldog Staff Mix, Pablo on a brand called lassie. When they both started throwing up.

With him it was just yellow bile randomly, with her it was her meals and I mean projectile Vomiting. She also became more and more hungry.

So with no test, the vet said let's put them on Z-D ultra allergy free. Not knowing any better I did that approx 18 months ago.

In late 2010 Lulu hurt her right knee.

It was not to bad and was better with some rymadyl until the middle of 2011. It was not getting better so I visited our Veterinarian and the Vet did an Ex-ray, the results were a frayed ACL with some arthritis.

I decided to get her knee done. To make a long story short she came up hypoglycemic when she was prepped for the surgery and they did other test including ultrasound and there it was.

A Pancreatic Cancer tumor. She had the tumor removed and the surgery went awesome. The surgeon said we caught it early, got all of it off the pancreas and surrounding tissue however there was some down by the intestines and he said he did not what to operate there because there was a blood vessel running through the tumor.

After surgery I started my own research, especially after her coming up with a yeast (skin) infection that apparently she has had for over 18 months. She had no real signs, she never itched or licked and my vet said nothing until last year.

Way to much to write but here is the end, My dogs do not have allergies. Lulu was throwing up because of her pancreatic tumor. Pablo took on her symptoms. Lulu totally stabilized after surgery and no more throwing up for either, however I started researching the Lulus diet.

I cannot believe this stuff; it should be called ZD crap!

You should not give this to a dog with Cancer! My vet does not know this yet but here is my dog's new diet,

Note it took many feedings to stabilize Lulu's blood sugar levels, although Pablo has benefited from this also, it helped him lose a couple of unwanted pounds.

As of March 6th they are weaned off the ZD ultra, they were getting feed 4 times a day. As of today the 11th they are doing awesome and have settled into three feedings a day, with lots of energy.

They get their walks everyday, Lulu is on pain management with her knee and since the diet Change she has not needed any rymadyl. Which is good because of the yeast infection and cancer.

Here is their new diet.

1 cup boiled chicken with turmeric

1/2 cup organic brown rice

1/3 cup cooked purée peas, green beans.

One whole egg in the morning and a white for lunch.

3-6 raw organic baby carrots as snack along with homemade chicken jerky

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Mar 13, 2012
Feeding and cancer
by: Anonymous

Just a note on the food you are feeding...rice and grains are a big no no for dogs and cats too...they lack the proper enzymes to break them down and they irritate the bowel, pancreas, blood sugar issues, etc. Dogs and especially cats are comnivores and need mostly good clean meat, raw if possible, and for dogs, very little veges or fruit which can be used as a treat. Your dogs will live longer and feel better without the rice and other grains. Stay clear of soy too as most of it is GMO now.

As for cancer...use artemesia/wormwood as it binds to the iron in cancer cells and kills the cells. The Chinese have used it for 3000 years for abnormal cell growth. In humans we have found that adding cod liver oil and CLA enhanced its effectiveness even more.

Mar 13, 2012
by: Jo

I get the grain thing however Lulu is hypoglycemic and needs carbs to stabilize her blood sugar. What else besides grains? I puree their veggies into every meal and they get their oils.

Mar 24, 2012
Feeding high glycemic foods
by: Deby

This still does more harm as the pancreas has to over work itself to process out the sugars. The blood sugar spikes and then gets the big low.

If it were my dog I would add a good multi strain probiotic to her food. Not hot food, room temp or cold. This will help repopulate her digestive track with friendly gut flora and help with her immune system. In theory, a high protein diet should keep her blood sugar under control as does allowing her to eat all day as in free feed. You will have to watch her weight though if she is not very active.

Don't forget that some vegetables have a lot of sugar as does rice and that dogs and cats lack the proper enzymes to break down plant foods. The sugar again will over work her pancreas. It may take some doing figuring out what combination works for her. Look for a balance of high and low gylcemic foods and feed good quality proteins. You can find glycemic indexes of foods online.

I use fruits and veges only a few days a week and mostly for a treat. Go with kosher, humanely raised, organic grass fed meats and check out where your chickens are coming from. The extra toxins in the food chain wreak havoc on the organs too.

It may be a bit of work doing your homework but you sound as if you are dedicated to her and will go for it.

I am a holistic health counselor, nutritionist, and light worker. I have spend a lot of time working with animals the past 35 years and have had excellent success with them and humans too. It just takes a bit of time to find the right formula for each individual. Good luck and keep me posted.

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