Papillon Dog Breed Information

The Papillon dog breed is a very unforgettable looking breed of small dog that originally comes from Italy. The name itself, Papillon, is the French word for butterfly, and it was probably named that because the way its ears are shaped, along with the tufts of hair that grow along its cheeks, look exactly like a butterfly. The head in the middle is round and fairly small in proportion to the body, and the muzzle is thin and short, tapering down to the end of the nose.

The Papillon dog breed is incredibly intelligent for a dog its size, and unlike many other Best Small Dog Breeds, which can be very stubborn and strong willed, the Papillon has no trouble learning tricks and new commands. This Most Popular Dog Breed is extremely friendly, and will quickly make friends with strangers and other dogs. The only concern with owning one of these dogs is that you have to be careful about leaving it with small children and toddlers. The Papillon is very small and very fragile, and any rough handling by a child could seriously injure it. Papillons have a lot of playful energy, which means that they should get Regular Exercise For Your Dog several times a day. You'll actually find yourself exercising the Papillon dog breed more so than you would with another dog of its size, but the friendly nature of this Small Dog Breed more than makes up for the extra attention required by it.

Papillon dogs only have a single layer of fur, so you have to be very careful about taking them outside in the winter. At the first sign of shivering you should immediately bring it inside and let it warm up. Even relatively chilly night temperatures can be hard for the dog to manage, so if you plan on getting a Papillion you should let it sleep inside every night. The color of the Papillon is usually a combination of different colors, and if you plan to take it for show it must have at least some white and at least some of another color, such as black, fawn, or chocolate. A Papillon that has only white fur will be immediately disqualified, as will a dog that doesn't have any white at all.

As far as temperament goes, the Papillon dog breed is exceedingly friendly and outgoing. According to the American Kennel Club breed standards, they shouldn't be aggressive or shy in any way. They can live up to 16 years of age and have very few notable Dog Health problems, although it's still a good idea to know Dog First Aid in order to quickly deal with any scratches, scrapes, or bug bites. Another important thing to note if you plan on getting a Papillon is that you need to be sure to walk it. Even if you play with it quite a bit, it still needs to walk around for at least a short length of time. It's been suggested that dogs that don't walk, even if they get other forms of exercise, can develop behavioral problems.

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