Where To Look When Shopping For A Pit Bull Puppy

When searching for the right Pit Bull puppy, some common sources include online ads, newspaper ads, rescue groups, and professional as well as hobby breeders.

You have to be careful about getting a dog from a newspaper ad.

Although there are some reputable breeders who advertise in the paper, finding your Pit Bull puppy in the classifieds is not often a good idea.

Inexperienced Pit Bull Breeders who naively breed their pet thinking that they can make a quick buck place most ads in the paper.

They seldom have the resources or knowledge to produce healthy and well-adjusted puppies.

Professional and hobby breeders who place ads in magazine or put up a site online tend to be serious about their dogs.

You can find a wide variety of quality Pit Bulls from breeders who either have a web site dedicated to their dogs or those who advertise in an all-breed or specific breed magazines.

Would you take home a rescued Pit Bull puppy?

Many Pit Bulls are abandoned by their previous owners and in need of new and permanent homes.

Most of these dogs will make tender, loyal, and trustworthy pets.

However, a few of them may require special care and attention in order to help them recover from they’re past experiences.

Adopting a rescued Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are in rescue for many reasons.

The most common one is simply because their first owners did not think things through properly when they decided to get a Pit Bull.

Another reason is that the dog did not get along well with the children or other pets in the house.

Some Pit Bulls were rescued from illegal dog-fighting operations and will require extra care and rehabilitation. These dogs need special attention with experienced owners.

There are many Pit Bull rescue groups available that have these pets screened for temperament and health problems.

However, just like what you would expect from a good breeder, there are organizations that are very picky about prospective homes for these abandoned dogs.

Experienced rescue groups evaluate the needs and special requirements of each dog in their care and help you get a dog that fits well with your situation and lifestyle.

Because most of these dogs in rescue groups have already been to too many homes, you have to choose one very carefully to make sure that your home will be the one where he can settle in permanently.

Contact your local animal shelter and ask to be notified if a Pit Bull should become available.

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