Poodle Puppies Information

Poodle Puppies are loved by many and some might find it incredibility hard to resist owning a dog like this.

These puppies usually come from liters of three to five dogs and can be born anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes apart from each other.

During the break, the mother will usually lick the puppy till they are completely clean of any blood or mucous. This form of bathing is a necessary action to the first few minutes of the puppy's birth as it usually helps him breath better.

The puppies are born deaf and blind till they are about 10 days old. They are weaned from the mother after about four weeks of age and they must remain with her until they are nine to twelve weeks old.

Breeders who sell puppies under the nine week mark should be avoided, as this is not the proper time for the puppies to be away from the mother.

Make sure you know what kind of Poodle you want. There are many Poodle Dogs to choose from such as the, Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, Small Miniature Poodle, Dachshund Poodle Mix, etc and you will want to be clear on your decision.

Tiny dogs might be better suited for your home than larger ones and vice verse. Remember to keep the well being of the dog in mind when you are adopting or buying a dog. You wouldn't want to get a dog if you are not in the position to care for it.

They require constant Poodle Grooming or else their fur can become matted. The way the poodle's fur gets tangled can cause some horrible skin issues to occur.

This is easily fixed with some cream in your Dog First Aid Kit, however it is completely preventable. Be sure that this is something you have time for.

Buying a poodle from a reputable breeder is almost a requirement. A good breeder does not breed for profit, but to improve the quality of the breed. Genetic breeding is very important.

Selecting proper males and females to weed out any genetic Dog Diseases and adapt new qualities is how breeds can be improved. Genetic disease is usually developed through improper breeding from breeders who select relatives to mate.

It is never good to buy from a puppy mill. These are places that produce poodle puppies constantly and take them away from their mother as early as possible for financial profit. Often times they do not care about genetic diseases or the overall well being of the puppy.

These poodle puppies do not receive any shots and can actually be flowing with diseases. It is certainly a sad state to be a part of or witness, but the only way to stop it is through awareness and prevention.

Good breeders will usually let you meet the mother and the other puppies. This gives you a better idea of their living condition and how well the puppies have been taken care of.

Buying from breeders usually cost more than a puppy mill or a pet store, but you know you are buying a healthy Poodle Puppy for years to come.

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