Puppy Agility Training Information

It is good to start Puppy Agility Training as young as you can, however there are some Dog Health risks involved if you start too young.

A New Puppy that is still developing can end up destroying their joints while you practice Agility Training.

This leads to a lifetime of medical bills and expenses that no one wants. Puppies could even experience pain for the rest of their life on top of that. It is best to start your puppy agility training when he has fully grown.

Puppies are also known for getting themselves hurt so be sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure he is in safe hands like having a Dog First Aid Kit.

Before you start training your puppy, he should know basic Dog Obedience. Dog Obedience Training can start at any age and you do not run a risk of hurting your puppies developing process.

It is at this age where it is extremely important to weed out any bad behavior. Puppies are in their prime time for learning to be that prefect dog, so be sure that you reward good behavior and disapprove any bad as soon as you spot it.

Puppy agility training is very similar to Training Your Dog for obedience.

Keep a positive tone of voice at all times; ensure that you feed your puppy treats and reward good behavior with praise as much as you can. Remember to always be firm and if he does something wrong always follow it up with a 'no' command.

Keep giving your dogs constant breaks in between and practice daily for about an hour. You can even practice thirty minutes a day for twice a day. Be sure to stop whenever you get frustrated, as it will do no good in the end.

Be patient and remember consistently is key to a successful Agility and Speed Training.

A good beginner Dog Agility Training Obstacle is the jump. At first you want your jump to be on the lowest setting possible and have you puppy walk over it.

Never let your puppy jump higher than shoulder height until they are a lot older, they can get hurt if you don't. Once your puppy finally understands that he needs to go through the jump, raise the bar to the next possible setting and continue the process.

You will soon find your dog being able to do jumps with just a simple command and you no longer have to guide him through.

Any type of dog can participate in puppy agility training, but there are certain breeds that are more suitable for agility competitions. Breeds that are known to be a hard working are almost prefect for this sport. These breeds love to work and tend to find enjoyment in learning new things.

Dogs such as Border Collies, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Sheepdogs, Cocker Spaniels, and believe it or not Poodles are excellent dogs for Agility Obedience Training.

Short and even older dogs have their own category in competition as well, making it the most equal sporting event out there.

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