Road Tar !

by Terri

I had taken my 3 (yes 3) dogs with me on a day trip, I wanted to stop and let them stretch, go potty and get a drink.

We were in a very open area with some mounds of dirt and gravel and it was fairly hot out.

Anyway one of my dogs started crying a little and kept lifting his feet up, when I saw his feet he had something black stuck on them.

I realized it was some road tar that someone had dumped in the mound of dirt and it was obviously hot on his feet, so I scraped what i could off his feet and then used my water bottle to cool his feet down.

So now his feet are fine except now he has road tar stuck in between his toes and all on the bottom of his feet.

I found out from a friend of mine that if you rub Vaseline on the tar it will come off, so I tried it and it worked great it took awhile to get it all cleaned off but it worked.

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