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Small dog breeds are often the first choice for people who have never owned a dog before and want to get some experience before moving to a larger breed. For other people, smaller breeds represent the perfect dog, and many try to go as small as possible, moving into the Toy Dog Breeds and Miniature Dog Breeds. No matter what your goals are, small dog breeds are a joy to have around. They don't require much space, eat very little, and will be warm and loving to your entire family (for the most part).

Even though there's a big stereotype for small dogs, and many people say they are high-strung and nervous, the biggest factor in a dog's developing temperament is the way it's treated. If you are mean and abusive to your dog, it's most likely going to turn into an aggressive, mean-spirited animal. If you're away a lot and neglect giving it the proper care and attention that it needs, it's going to become widely undisciplined and unresponsive to commands. It may even become nervous and agitated if left alone for long periods of time.

On the other hand, if you give your dog the proper amount of attention, and raise it with a firm but loving hand, Best Small Dog Breed is going to be well behaved and eager to please you. The problem is that a lot of people don't have the time to put into raising a dog this way.

If you've been thinking about getting a New Puppy for your home, here are a couple of the best small dog breeds to give you some ideas.

Miniature Pinscher – The first choice for a lot of people is a miniature pinscher, an extremely intelligent, energetic, and largely fearless little dog who will form a very close bond with its master and family. Unlike a lot of small dog breeds, miniature pinschers are highly trainable, and actually carry many of the same traits as their larger cousins the Doberman Pinscher. They're loyal, strong, and brave, the perfect combination for somebody who wants a small dog with a big heart. Miniature pinschers can be anywhere from 10 to 12 inches high at the withers when fully grown, and only weight about 10 pounds. Their coats are short and smooth, which means that grooming is a snap and you won't have to worry about excessive shedding all over the house. The only downside to the miniature pinscher is that they have the tendency to bark a lot at night and when left alone, but that's something you'll have to deal with any small breed.

Patterdale Terrior – Although they aren't very popular, Patterdale terriers make excellent house pets for the first time dog owner. They're strong and courageous, and were actually used as working dogs at one time. These terriers also like to swim a lot, and will join in the fun if you have a pool or a pond on your property. They're incredible kids' dogs, and will bond closely with the whole family.

If you are interested here are a

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